2016 Bordeaux En Primeur

En Primeur is the term used across the industry for buying wine that has not been bottled and is still in the barrel. Essentially, the wines are sold as ‘futures’. Buying this way dates back to the 11th Century and is a long established practice where Châteaux would sell wine before it was bottled to fund the following year’s harvest.

When will I receive my wine?

The wine is not ‘physical’ for a further two years after you purchase, so if you were to buy in this years campaign (2016 vintage), you would not take receipt of the wine until 2019. So you understand, the wine is kept in oak barrels until around September 2018 when it is then bottled. A further six months later (this varies slightly from producer to producer) the wine is released from the Châteaux and shipped. They hold it back for six months or so as it can suffer from what is known as ‘bottle shock’, going from the barrel to the bottle.

Why should I buy En-Primeur?


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