Akitu A2

We are delighted (and super proud!) to announce that we are the Exclusive UK Agents for Akitu A2.

Before now, you could have sipped on a glass of this delicious wine at Tate Modern (whom, might I add, have a superb wine list), but it was scarcely found anywhere else. This wine is far too good to be sitting on a restaurant's wine list, so this year we have snapped it up to give you all the opportunity to enjoy it.

Good (or in this instance great) things come in small packages and as ever with Akitu, production is small with only 132 bottles available.

It is worth noting, acclaimed New Zealand wine critic, Raymond Chan, scored the Akitu A1 18.5/20, which retails at £28.95. The A2 is just a snip over £20...

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