Anthill Farms

Anthill Farms, California, USA


Anthill Farms was launched in 2004 by partners Webster Marquez, David Low and Anthony Filiberti who all previously worked at Williams Selyem. The trio are deeply committed to producing handcrafted, high quality, cool climate single vineyard Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay sourced from vineyards in Northern California.

Anthony is the lead winemaker and was raised in Sonoma County. He apprenticed at Oregon’s Bergström which farms without the use of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides or systemic chemicals. They go a step further by composting and treating with homeopathic herbal and mineral teas, rather than using synthetic fertilizers. Understandably, Anthony is a non-interventionist winemaker, committed to gentle handling of grapes from crushing to bottling which is clearly evident - the attention to detail produces wines of magical, unforced purity.

Their operation has grown from a mere 8.5 barrels per year to almost 1,800 cases. This still equates to a tiny operation particularly when the trio produce a string of single vineyard creations, effortlessly expressing the diverse terroirs of the Sonoma Coast and Mendocino County. Most wines are produced in minuscule quantities and are offered via their mailing list members in spring. Outside of their mailing list, a small amount of wine is released every year to local restaurants, wine shops and a tiny amount is exported (thank the Lord!)

We introduced the sensational 2014 Campbell Ranch Pinot Noir many years back, which remains one of my absolute favourites from the US, and a wine which I miss dearly (my powers of restraint failed). It’s been two weeks since our ‘new’ Anthill Farms arrived into our HQ warehouse. The entire team swooned around the pallet with an entire case of the ’18 Campbell Ranch emptying for staff purchases. The remainder of the pallet contains wines new to us all, which I am delighted to share today…

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