Australia Tranche 4


After three years, our Big Oz Campaign comes full circle and we close off with Tranche #4, which is arguably the largest single purchase we have made to date – 72,000 bottles.

Many of the great wines which were offered during the earlier tranche releases have now sold-out, with many finding their way to Hong Kong, which is no surprise as Hong Kong / China are now the No:1 importers of Australian wine. Statistically, our buyers in Hong Kong purchase ten times the volume of our UK customers, which has been fascinating to witness over the years.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and this will be our final purchase of mature Australian wine. In short, and without over dramatizing, when a wine sells-out – it will not be returning to our shelves as we now move towards working as exclusive agents for some of Australia’s best kept secrets… Flowstone will be leaving the port of Adelaide in a few weeks.

Tranche #4 is split into two offers. Offer one consists of 50,000 bottles which are all offered under bond. To make things a little more exciting, we have made sure the vast majority sit anywhere from 50 to 100% below our nearest world trade competitor.

Please take the time to understand the process:

  • All wines offered are available under bond however, our website enables you to easily switch the price to duty paid, thus enabling our home delivery service.

  • Delivery will be arranged directly by our UK bond, LCB.

  • You will be charged LCB’s home delivery rates which vary depending on your postcode area and order volume, however, this pails into insignificance when you see the huge savings.

  • The lead-time for all home deliveries is 2-5+ working days depending on the area. We are always here to assist and can provide an accurate delivery date.

  • All deliveries will take place from Monday 10 July and not before.

  • These wines have been lying in a bonded warehouse for the past decade – Please expect some dust on the original packaging!

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