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Set in the Saint-Julien appellation of Bordeaux, Château Gruaud-Larose is a Deuxièmes Crus (Second Growths) estate. Mayor of Saint-Julien, Désiré Cordier, acquired the Château at the start of the 20th Century and it stayed in the family’s hands for a number of years, producing fantastic vintages during the 1960s. Shortly after this, it was bought and controlled by several large corporations and the quality of the wine suffered. In 1997 it was purchased by the Merlaut family and since then the Château has gone from strength to strength, always providing good value wines which are some of the appellation’s most full-bodied and long-lived wines. Along with this, Jean Merlaut introduced a number of sustainable viticultural practices and was the first châteaux to ban using insecticides pesticides and herbicides. The vineyards are spread over 84 hectares of gravel-rich soil and the wine is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (65%), Merlot (25%), Cabernet Franc (8%) and Petit Verdot (2%). (Malbec no longer plays a part). Today, Château Gruaud-Larose lives up to its motto: 'The king of wines and the wine of kings'.
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