Château Margaux

Set in the appellation of Margaux, this château has a rich and varied history.  In 1977, the Greek-born André Mentzelopoulos (owner of a large and successful grocery company with 80 stores across France) bought the estate.  He invested hugely into Château Margaux, not knowing at the time how the investment would pay off. With the passion, help and supervision of renowned oenologist, Emile Peynaud, the 1978 vintage was a success and proof that André Mentzelopoulos’ time, effort and investment had indeed paid off.  Sadly, he died in 1980, before he could have time to enjoy the château and its glory to come. André’s daughter Corinne took over the estate but was already heavily invested in the other family businesses. Realising the enormity of the challenge, in the 1990’s she enrolled the help of an associate in Gianni Agnelli (then president of Fiat) who bought shares in the Château with this partnership lasting around 10 years. Corinne then bought back the shares and is now sole shareholder in the estate.   Château Margaux also produces a second wine, Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux.

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