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Since its beginnings in Burgundy, Chardonnay has traveled across the globe, taking root in every old and new world location and ranging from the inexpensive, everyday to the super premium. In Australia, Chardonnay performs best in the cooler climates. The most notable of which is Western Australia’s Margaret River region where the cooling, coastal wines provide crisp acidity and great freshness. The use of quality oak in fermentation and aging is common in Margaret River and the high levels of sunshine provide optimum ripeness often showing intense citrus and stone fruit qualities. All these factors combine to make Margaret River one of the worlds most premium regions for producing Chardonnay that rivals the best of Burgundy. Chardonnay was a late bloomer in the already, comparatively young Margaret River so the potentials have only recently been recognized and Chardonnay is becoming a staple of most producer's portfolios with incredible examples being produced from such names as Flowstone, Nocturne and Domaine Naturaliste. Head east and you can find it in the cool climate Victoria where you can get great examples from the Yarra Valley from Hoddles Creek and Soumah. One of the most exciting regions in Australia at the moment is Tasmania which is much cooler than most of the mainland and Chardonnay is grown here for both high quality sparkling and still wines.

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