Churton Wines

Husband and wife team Sam and Mandy Weaver head up the small, 22 hectare estate, single vineyard estate of Churton. With a career that spans more than twenty years in various sectors of the wine trade, Sam also worked as a consultant winemaker and has a degree in microbiology. This gives him an acute understanding of the land and he uses this knowledge to manage the microbiology of the soil and canopy, with both Sam and Mandy embracing the philosophy and mechanics of Biodynamics. Their belief is in complete respect for the land and soils, yielding the purest, finest quality fruit, resulting in the highest classed wines. The Churton vineyard has unique typography, sitting between the Waihopai and Omaka Valleys at an altitude of 200 metres providing ideal, north facing slopes giving the perfect level of daytime sun and cool evenings for great aromatic complexity and freshness in the grapes. Their Pinot Noir is a joy to drink, it shows a perfect balance between the delicate subtlety complexity, something that is very hard to find at this price.

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