Clarendon Hills IB Special Offer

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I would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few key notes:

  • Our free of charge delivery policy (for orders exceeding £100) does not apply for wines being delivered from our bonded account. In this case, the savings far outweigh the small cost of delivery. We simply pass on LCB’s delivery charge.
  • The wines have been stored at the same LCB location for a very long time. Please expect warehouse dust and grubby cases (The Astralis cases are in pristine condition).
  • Please also expect a few label nicks and wrinkles. The wines are in excellent condition but time in a temperature-controlled warehouse does create a few label issues, and particularly for those which are stored in cardboard cases (the majority of the Clarendon stock).
  • All wines are priced under bond and offered per case of 6x75cl, unless otherwise stated. Our website automatically calculates duty, VAT and LCB’s delivery charge which will aid you during the check-out process. This delivery charge is £15.00 for up to 12x75cl. There are a few postal areas which have a higher delivery cost; Isle of Wight, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man.
  • Finally, would you be so kind and place your orders online as we would hate for you to miss out.
SAVE £32.00 (was £100.00 per case)
60 in stock
SAVE £123.00 (was £248.00 per case)
16 in stock
SAVE £51.50 (was £120.00 per case)
24 in stock
SAVE £225.50 (was £497.00 per case)
14 in stock
SAVE £143.00 (was £408.00 per case)
17 in stock