Clau de Nell

The property, situated in the Loire Valley follows strict biodynamic principles both in the vineyard and the cellar. No wines were bottled for a few years whilst the property was given the full Domaine Leflaive treatment. It was only in 2009 that a small production became possible. The grapes are hand-picked with great care and fermentation is carried out for around 30 days. Temperature control and chemicals are banned except for tiny doses of sulphur to protect the wine from oxidation. A traditional, 200 year old manual press is used to separate the skins from the wine which spends 18-24 months in barrels before being bottled and matured in the cellars. Nature is essential at Clau de Nell where it is a philosophy of life and they know exactly what nature has to offer. They also know how to respect it in view of obtaining the true expression of the terroir and of each unique vintage. This simple yet demanding approach has forged the estate's identity.

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