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Cobaw Ridge is a fully certified organic and biodynamic winery producing spellbinding wines which are honest, authentic and unashamedly full of flavour. The winery was established in 1985 by Alan and Nelly Cooper who we have previously introduced. Their vines were planted on granitic, sandy soil in the cool climate Macedon Ranges, on the cusp of the Great Dividing Range at some 610m. Their positioning, in a natural amphitheatre, provides the perfect place to produce 100% estate grown, hand-picked, hand-pruned, hand-tended, terroir-driven wines. In short, a unique labour of love.

Biodynamic principals have their sceptics however, and to quote Alan, “We feel these practices will further our holistic, sustainable, and above all natural approach to grape growing and winemaking, and provide an even greater opportunity for the wines to speak of the land which bore them.”

Alan & Nelly start with super clean fruit that is not full of agro-chemicals, moderate potential alcohol is a result of their cool high-altitude site, lots of minerality from their old granite soils and amazing abundant acidity and tannins... “Why add anything to that” is their mantra. They have not set out to, "make a style," just what the vintage and vineyard gives them year on year.

They work with fruit that is right at the outer margin of ripeness, but on the right side of ripeness. The big advantage being their ability to achieve a natural expression of a wine without resorting to earlier and earlier picking dates and lots of added acid. “True cool climate” as they like to refer to it.

Their Syrah was totally sulphite-free in 2014, and the other wines receive only a minimum sulphur treatment. Sustainability is close to the heart of Alan & Nelly, who are constantly challenged by the whims of nature…

You would be wrong if you believe these to be fluffy words, which lack substance. We kid you not, all wines from Cobaw Ridge are multi–layered, exceptional and offer extraordinary value. Wines full of individual character, style and show full flavours which richly reflect this special vineyard site which they almost lost in the bushfires of 2009.

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