Delicious Pinot Noir

Delicious Pinot Noir


"Pinot Noir is about pure, unadulterated, varietal expression, illuminating the character of the terroir and the skill of the winemaker and when treated right, can define the simple essence of what it is to enjoy a glass of wine."


Thin skinned, prone to rot, difficult to ripen, easy to over ripen… the list of reasons not to grow Pinot Noir is vast and it’s understandable why many growers shy away from this notoriously problematic variety. But, when grown well this troublesome grape can show itself to be one of the most complex varieties in the wine world, covering the whole spectrum of aromas, flavours and styles. From delicate, light and lifted styles that express fine red cherry and strawberry fruits, through weightier styles that show deeper, brooding, bramble fruit and spice.

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