Dr Edge North Duo

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1 x Chardonnay 2019
98 Points - Stuart McCloskey
"The most floral bouquet of the three, with buttered citrus and fresh vanilla seeds drifting from the glass. Still, and not to bore, lemons, minerals and salinity are also present.. The palate offers an intense experience and not necessarily through flavour as the vitality and tension offers a wonderful shrill of excitement. The balance is exquisite and, given its age, it is difficult to pin-down exact flavours save for a little crisp, green apple. So much energy and tightly coiled like a piston waiting to explode. Minerals and citrus contrast with a marine-influenced finish which I love. Truly outstanding and will be hitting its stride in five or so years. Potentially perfect in ten. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Do not serve from the fridge. 11-13 degrees being the best temperature. Decant for a wee while as this wine needs a little aeration”.

1 x Pinot Noir 2018
97+ Stuart McCloskey
"North is a thought-provoking mix of East and South – The nose is brooding and offers hints of ‘East’s’ richness whilst being restrained by the classicism from the ‘South.’ Wild dark berries dominate the bouquet along with lifted, floral aromatics and that tell-tale twist of orange peel. Perfectly balanced with filigree tannin, a partnership that is utterly captivating and typifies Peter’s ‘allow nature to make your wine’ attitude. There’s a touch more puppy-fat compared to the other two sites however, everything is woven together with perfection, which and for those who have a little patience, will be rewarded handsomely in five or so years. The finish is sweet and a touch creamy. The length epic. Served with Zalto Burgundy glassware.