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Comments: Daniel Cathiard

Comments: Daniel Cathiard

“The 2016 vintage started badly and in the end we witnessed something of a miracle.

You must remember that we very nearly had frost problems, then we were drowning in water and then suffering from the summer heat. In autumn we suffered from a terrible lack of water. It even hailed. Fortunately it was a thin, smooth hail which didn’t damage the berries. To paraphrase Nietzsche “whatever doesn’t kill the vine, makes it stronger”.

The miracle? A magnificent autumn which went on and on with a very pure and dry air. It saved us and resolved all the problems that the vines had experienced. We had plenty of time to harvest one variety at a time without being pressured and with a small number of collectors (80 instead of 200 as seen in previous years). At the beginning, we thought that the climatic phenomena would have consequences for the final product. However in the end and as the days went on we became more and more serene and confident. And we weren’t wrong! The wines are in the style of the 2010 with a slightly more noble content. The whites are excellent quality but we have to say that the reds are superior thanks to strict selection and a perfect maturity of grapes which were small and concentrated.

Everywhere in France with so many wineries badly hit in some way there will be a shortage of wine but in Bordeaux we are blessed.”