Felton Road

Felton Road Wines, Bannockburn 9384, New Zealand

Central Otago based Felton Road are fully organic and biodynamic, practicing these methods of farming since 2002 and being certified as biodynamic for all of their vineyards since 2010. Based in the highly regarded sub-region of Bannockburn, an area identified as being one of the warmest and most ideal sights in Central Otago for wine production, Felton Road have four distinct vineyard sites, The Elms, Macmuir, Clavert and Cornish Point. The Elms is a 14.7 hectare site at the end of Felton Road, that lies in a gently sloping, north facing valley cut into Bannockburn hills which has been separated into separate blocks, each producing grapes that have a character that is unique to their block. Macmuir vineyard consists of just 5.1 hectares of land that lies 1 kilometre away for The Elms vineyard and is planted with Pinot Noir from a variety of clones including recently released Dijon clones. This is a low yielding vineyard and wines show particularly high levels of complexity. The Calvert vineyard is located two Kilometres east of Elms Vineyard and consists of a gently sloped north facing vineyard which they began leasing in 2001 and in 2013 purchased three blocks totalling 4.6 hectares of Pinot Noir that producing fine tannins and a distinct minerality. Finally, Cornish Point is an old gold miners settlement and named after the Cornish miners who lived there. This vineyard is usually the first to be harvested due to its lower elevation and wines tend to be dark, dense and softer.

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