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High Scoring wines

Scores are incredibly important when it comes to choosing wine, it’s a simple concept but they help to guide us towards the best buy for the money. The critics, as well as us stick to being analytical, not letting our own tastes interfere and judging the wine purely on qualities. Anything from 90 points upwards is generally considered to be a good bottle of wine and anything from 96 points is considered to be great. 98 points would be outstanding, 99 points is exceptional and 100 points is almost unheard of, the rare wines receiving 100 points almost reaching a mystical level and joining the rare few in the wine hall of fame.

Among our portfolio of wines, we are lucky enough to stock a few of these rare 99+ 100 point enigmas. Chambers Rutherglen Rare Muscadelle was given 100 points by Robert Parker catapulting it to legend status, and Chris Ringland’s Hoffman Shiraz 2010 is considered one of Australia’s cult wines after receiving 99+ points from Lisa Perotti-Brown. These are exceptional examples however, wines don’t have to cost hundreds of pounds to enjoy an equivalent level of quality. Both Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 and Villa Maria’s Ngakirikiri 2013 received 100 points, the Gramercy from our own Stuart McCloskey and the Ngakirikiri from Wine Orbit’s Sam Kim calling it “better than perfection” and both sell for less than £100.00

The 99 point wines are almost as rare as the 100 point wines and offer a very similar quality. The Deep Woods Reserve Cabernet 2016 caused a storm in the wine world when was awarded 99 points from James Halliday and a flurry of Gold Medals. The wine hasn’t arrived yet and is currently being offered by us to pre-order. The Dry River Pinot Noir 2013 was also awarded 99 points by Bob Campbell and sells for a fraction of the price that the 100 pointers sell for.

97 and 98 points can offer some real finds. We felt that Grant Burge’s Corryton Park 2013 thoroughly deserved 98 points and at just £24.95 a bottle, is one of those rare finds that you just can’t understand why it costs so little. Robert Oatley’s The Pennant Chardonnay 2012 is another with a score of 98+ and a price of just £27.95. We have put together a list of our highest scoring wines from 97 points and upwards, a list of wines that, when all put in one place is simply mouth-watering!

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