Highlights from across the pond

Highlights from across the pond

Our list of wines from the US is expanding and include some UK exclusive lines that can only be found with us at the Vinorium. Our list of US wines covers over 25 producers from California and some of its greatest sub-regions, as well as the exciting, up-and-coming regions of Oregon and Washington State.

The breadth of wines found in the US is incredible, an array of grapes grown across a variety of climates and soils has amounted to a diversity of styles that is guaranteed to excite any palate. From powerful Cabs to elegant Pinots, ethereal Chardonnays to unctuous Roussannes and everything in-between. The range of growing conditions is just as broad from sun-soaked plains, windswept coasts and fog drenched valleys, the US offers sensational collection of wines and we are delighted to bring you some of the very best.

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