The mere mention of Krug Champagne silences a room. And for good reason too. This is one of Champagne’s most revered houses whose philosophy is premised on the vision of Joseph Krug who founded it in 1845. Now part of the LVMH conglomerate, Venezuelan born Margareth Henriquez as President of the house is in charge of its day to day affairs, but the Krug family, led by Olivier is still actively engaged in the making and promotion of the wines. Meticulous detail and excellence in all that is done is the norm here. With 20ha of its own vines accounting for some 30% of total production, the remaining 70% is supplemented by growers under contract who value the prestigious acclaim that an association such as Krug brings. 

Tradition is very much at the heart of Krug’s ethos. It has however, embraced modernity in a creative way with the introduction of its KRUG ID. Since early 2011, this unique 6-digit code to be found on the left hand side of the back label allows consumers to trace the wine’s degorgement date. The first digit refers to the quarter with the second and third indicating the year.

Krug, Champagne, France

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