Cabernet Sauvignon - Margaret River

Cabernet Sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the world’s most renowned grape variety. There are two key reasons for its rise to dominance – the fact that its vines are highly adaptable to different soil types and climates, and that despite the diversity of terroirs in which the vine is grown, they all retain a distinctive character that is immediately recognised. Wine produced using Cabernet Sauvignon tends to be full-bodied, with high levels of tannin and a noticeable acidity that contributes to the wines excellent ageing potential. In youth Cabernet can express delicious flavours of cassis, capsicum and blackcurrant and with age evolve and develop great complexity, offering aromas of pencil lead, cigar box, liquorice and menthol. Cabernet is well known as being a key component of the famed Bordeaux blend, famous in the region’s northern villages of Pauillac and St Estephe where it is grown on gravel based soils and produces some of the worlds most long lived and iconic wines. The grape has also thrived in many new world regions, most notably Australia’s western region, Margaret River where it is sometimes blended but is but is most prized as a single variety where it creates outstanding, age-worthy expressions.

Cabernet Sauvignon also performs well in the higher altitude Eden Valley where, due to the cooler climate, can show great density and concentration. In warmer conditions such as McLaren Vale and Heathcote, it produces rich, powerful wines that develop deep, succulent flavours over many years. Some of the most renowned Cabernets come from the USA, grown inland where the climate is slightly warmer in California and Washington, Cabernet Sauvignon can produce incredibly powerful and complex wines that can develop for many years.

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