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At the northern most tip of the southern island is New Zealand’s most famous region, Marlborough. A region that pioneered an entirely new style of wine and new methods of production, championing stainless steel and temperature controlled fermentation, the Marlborough sauvignon, with its racing acidity, bright, vibrant gooseberry, passionfruit and elderflower aromas took the world by storm when it burst on to the scene. Since then, Marlborough has managed to form a reputation that is not just based on one game changing grape variety, but has established its place on the world’s stage as a producer of not only premium sauvignon, but also of pinot Noir, chardonnay, riesling and many others, for example, Blank Canvas pinot noir was awarded a staggering 97 points from Bob Campbell MW (a score rarely achieved for pinot outside of Burgundy.)

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