Mayer Wines

German born Timo Mayer has made a name for himself as one of Australia’s most exciting winemakers. He is amongst the new breed of winemaker that has emerged in the Yarra Valley since the turn of the century who, inspired by the experimental methods used by the producers who brought the regions wine industry back to life, have continued to break boundaries and adopt a creative style of winemaking that this region has become known for. For Timo, wine is in his blood, coming from a long line of winemakers in the Wurttemberg region of Germany, an area known for red wines with Pinot Noir taking the lead, it is no surprise that Timo is working with this variety to great effect in the Yarra Valley. Choosing to embrace the philosophy of minimal intervention, and continuing to push boundaries, Timo experiments with methods such as whole bunch fermentation, a technique that is rarely used in Australia that, instead of starting slowly with this, Timo went straight in with 100% whole bunch. This experimental style has earned him an eccentric reputation as one of Australia’s most creative winemakers.

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