Luis Canas 2008

Luis Canas 2008

Do you ever wonder if award winning wines will live up to the hype?

I have often purchased wines in supermarkets and from other wine merchants displaying award labels and although I often see this as good sign, I am usually left a little disappointed when it comes to trying the wine. Occasionally though, I am knocked off my feet and this incredible wine from Bodegas Luis Canas in Rioja did just that. With an impressive 3 trophies won (one of which was the Decanter regional trophy – an impressive feat in itself) the 2008 vintage is truly stunning and incredible value. This is definitely an instance where the wine is truly deserved of the praise!

How does it taste?

A pronounced nose of ripe strawberries and plums intermingled with leather and herbs, deeply rich and juicy with great structure and a good deal of spice. Complex with beautifully integrated tannins and an elegant silkiness that rounds everything out to perfection.

Bodegas Luis Cañas has been at the heart of Rioja since 1928, although the contemporary story begins in 1970 when Luis Canas became the first Rioja Alavesa winemaker to bottle his young wine rather than sell it in bulk. Luis Cañas utilise their knowledge of the local climate, terroir, cultivation methods and a real sense of pride and dedication to create these unique wines - every harvest Luis Cañas, now 86, stands at the head of the selection table keenly ensuring only the best parcels of grapes are used. The end result is wine consistently packed with fruit and wrapped in a silky, oak laced layer of flavour that seems unique to Rioja - truly world class.

Discover Luis Cañas Rioja Selección de la Familia Reserva 2008.