Red wines to serve chilled

Red wines to serve chilled

It seems that summer is finally upon us and at last we can start to think about BBQ’s and wines for summer sipping! Whilst the first thought for most is to go for a well-chilled bottle of crisp and light white or rose wine, why not try something a little off the wall and go for a lightly chilled bottle of red?

Just to clarify not every wine is at home in a chilled state – we would not suggest chilling a big, bold Australian Shiraz for example as chilling will only emphasise a wines oak and tannin levels. However lighter, fruitier wines that are low in tannins are an ideal choice, and chilled down in a fridge for 30 minutes or so will make the perfect partner to meaty fish dishes as well as a range of cheeses and charcuterie.

The best choices are young and uncomplicated cool climate Pinot Noir or Gamay wines and as long as they are not too high in alcohol you should be in safe hands - both will be an absolute joy in hot weather.

Our pick of reds to chill

Top Tip: To chill red wine (or any wine for that matter), please do not add ice, because the ice will inevitably melt and dilute the wine. Also, ice can over-chill the wine which can muddle the more delicate flavours. The best and fastest way to chill anything is to create a water and ice bath (not just ice), and put the bottles in that for 10-15 minutes.