Riesling Collection

Sadly, Riesling has to be the most misunderstood grape variety in the world today. What has put so many people off this wonderful wine? – Is it the old fashioned labels? Complicated names such as Ego Muller’s Scharzhofberger Trockenbeerenauslese? Or those ghastly blue-and-black bottles we endured many years ago (Sorry Blue Nun!)? Why do we think Riesling wines are always produced sweet? You could not be further from the truth as some Alsace Rieslings offer excruciating levels of acidity. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention Germany’s sweet wines, which are arguably the greatest sweet wines produced today. The very best can last a century or more and you need a small mortgage for the best ones too – a half bottle of the 2003 Ego Muller’s Scharzhofberger Trockenbeerenauslese is a mere snip at £8,000.

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