Our Top 20 Shiraz wines of 2018

Did you know that in 2018, 79% of the wine customers bought from us was Shiraz and a whopping 88% coming from Australia. That in itself is a remarkable feat and so we thought we would put together a list of our top 20 favourite Shiraz wines that we enjoyed during 2018. Including Glaetzer-Dixon Mon Pere Shiraz 2016, Nick’s wines were stunning from the get go and this Shiraz is really starting to take off with customers. We’ve also included the Decanter award winning Platinum wine from Hardys, the 2015 Eileen Hardy Shiraz which is a Vinorium Exclusive and with 98 Points being awarded by James Halliday is a must try for any Shiraz fan out there. We would also highly recommend purchasing a Zalto Bordeaux glass to really heighten your drinking experience. We have been using them at our tastings and the noticeable difference in how the wine is portrayed really stood out to us, to the point that now, this is our preferred glassware.

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Australia Shiraz
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