Stolpman Vineyards Introductory Case - 5 Pack

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Stolpman Vineyards was founded by Thomas Stolpman after discovering what he believed to be one of the greatest vinicultural sites on the planet. They have 153 acres of vineyard lying on three major limestone ridgelines in Santa Barbara County, undertaking strict, dry farming methods to push the grapes to the highest level of quality.

This five pack provides this perfect introduction to Stolpman wines with a mix of Syrah, Roussanne and their red blends. 

1 x Stolpman Vineyards Originals Syrah 2013
1 x Stolpman Vineyards Estate Roussanne 2017
1 x Stolpman Vineyards Para Maria Red Wine 2017
1 x Stolpman Vineyards La Cuadrilla Red Wine 2018
1 x Stolpman Vineyards L'Avion Roussanne 2017