Issue #110, April 2020

The Week That Was...

Written by Stuart McCloskey


I thought I would start with a little housekeeping. Firstly, apologies for the lack of last Sunday’s magazine. We experienced a surprising issue with our email launch which completely scuppered our ability to send you our magazine (we have reintroduced some of the best wines from last week with 2013 Robert Oatley Pennant Chardonnay and the scintillating 2009 Riesling from New Zealand producer, Pegasus Bay being my two favourites). We continue to experience a substantial increase in online orders – we may increase by 100% compared to April 2019 which is significant however, the numbers are perfectly under control. We are super-drilled and can easily accommodate a five-fold increase. All your lovely orders leave our HQ warehouse daily, and without any delay from our side however, our UK carrier, DHL is starting to feel the strain as the number of national deliveries has reached a record high. Unfortunately, we are now seeing an impact on our ‘next day’ delivery service. In fairness, I take my hat off to them as the majority of our parcels are still being delivered within the allotted time, but we are witnessing some delays of around 48 hours, which I believe will become more common as the UK’s lockdown continues. Despite our best efforts, we are a small cog in a big wheel and are powerless to speed-up delayed deliveries. Of course, this is not ideal, but we must all show a little patience. We are unable to communicate with them through the normal channels as they are truly swamped, which is not ideal.

As such, please err on the side of caution and place your orders allowing plenty of time for delivery.

Our UK bond, LCB is another one feeling the strain. Again, I am not annoyed as I understand they are operating with a skeleton team. It is not easy for me as, and from the day I was born, I was not blessed with patience – another glass of wine helps! Similarly, we are now seeing widespread delays across their entire service from landing stock and picking orders to delivering to both trade and private customers. We’ve waited a week for a transfer from our account to our HQ – it normally takes 48 hours. Their drivers, many of whom are self-employed, are willing and able. Unfortunately, the delay is coming from the lack of staff working at each bonded warehouse and the significant increase in private customers releasing their ‘reserves’ for home delivery. Fingers crossed they keep going as the UK wine industry will simply grind to a halt without the support of bonded warehouses.

The 2018 Dan Standish collection arrived at LCB on Tuesday (circa 1,050 cases). In all honesty, and with a deep sigh, I do not believe we will see the landing reports until the end of next week. We cannot move a bottle without these as each wine is allocated a specific rotation number. Moreover, the wines must be entered onto their system which aids the recovery of duty & VAT. So, we wait for what are five, truly magnificent wines. At least we have some to look forward to…


To some very good news indeed as we have received our second order from the magical producer Owen Latta of Eastern Peake. His age belies a wealth of experience, making him a deserving winner of the Young Winemaker of the Year (2018).  As I alluded to in our 2019 Wine of the Year article – Eastern Peake would have featured (perhaps even won) if our stocks had arrived in the UK before Christmas. Owen will certainly feature as one of our Wine Producers of the Year and there are two wines which are strong contenders for Wine of the Year 2020. His Morillon Block (it’s here but in super-tiny quantities) has set the benchmark for the year ahead – certainly for Pinot Noir and the 2016 Intrinsic Chardonnay, which if placed in a blind Grand Cru Burgundy tasting would fit in a treat. Sadly, this has completely sold-out.

I am excited to sample Owen’s ‘top’ I10V5 Chardonnay sourced from his Ballarat vineyard. This comes from the oldest plantings of Chardonnay on the Eastern Peake vineyard planted back in 1991. It's one, dry-grown block featuring one clone of Chardonnay (clone I10V5), pressed to two old puncheons and bottled without fining or filtration. It's the purest example of Chardonnay that Owen produces. Pure, magical and I would not be surprised if this sold out within a week!

We also shipped across all of Owen’s library stock. I believe we took everything he had stashed away, which I hope he will not regret in a few years! We have some quite extraordinary Pinot Noirs, from as far back as 2001. We managed to compile a full vertical case from 2001 to 2012 however, we only have eight left for sale. Those wishing to sample beautifully mature, Ballarat Pinot Noir can purchase a lovely selection which are now available by the bottle – They’re very special indeed…

Finally, I cannot move on without waxing lyrical over Owen’s Rosé, Pinot Taché. It’s 100% Pinot Noir and sourced from a parcel in the vineyard picked for Rosé (made for purpose) and left on lees for 16 months which adds a beautiful, weighty texture. There’s no fining, filtering or tinkering (the same standard for all of Owen’s wines). Simply, the wine is thoughtfully produced to reflect where the grapes were grown. There is no need to wait for the summer – sunshine is not required as this should be appreciated as much as a serious bottle of white wine. I will confess, I was enjoying a glass or two on Sunday, whilst mowing into the early evening sun. In my defence, I had been gardening for a full eight hours and thought a few glasses whilst sitting on the lawnmower would be well deserved. For me, the BEST new world Rosé wine I have come across…. Incredible wine and I implore you to give it a try.


We planned to launch our successful Profit Share scheme this weekend, but we’re a tad anxious to do this with our new email marketing platform. All being well, we shall unveil Tranche II next Sunday, however please do contact me directly if you wish to discuss our scheme ahead of the launch…  

I am thankful that our HQ shop is closed as it’s currently a sad sight with many of our wine bins empty, which I hate to see. We are using the precious floor space to stack new arrivals, which gives us quick access for picking. We have now seen 153 wines sell-out in the past six-weeks which is quite extraordinary and a position which my team and I could have never predicted. There are many more wines moving closer to the sell-out list, I believe in the region of 120 which is a frightening thought. The superb 73 Block Single Barrel Chardonnay 2019 from Vinden Estate has been hammered this week – We have less than two cases available (Block 87 has long gone), which I am particularly sad about as we are unlikely to see the new vintage until much later in the year. Their Somerset Vineyard Chardonnay 2019 is a lovely alternative but does require a good thirty-minutes in a decanter… Given the surge of sell-outs, we have grouped all these wines together under the one category, which will remain on our website homepage and will be updated weekly.   

We remain very active with sampling new wines and communicating with new Aussie winemakers concerning the opportunity of working together. This week, the 2018 samples arrived from Sailor Seeks Horse including two, new wines. The limited release 2018 Huldufolk Chardonnay is from a single hogshead of clone 96 Chardonnay. It was whole-bunch pressed straight to barrel on full solids so it has a lot more texture and length with a touch of reduction, whilst still showing all the salinity of the site. The 2018 Huldufolk Pinot Noir is composed of one barrel of 115 clone and one of 114 clone. It has all the vintage hallmarks in terms of generosity but is a much finer expression of Pinot Noir from their site. Both look splendid and will be sampled this week.

We are also talking with Fox Creek wines, which we know is a favourite of many. We have a long line of samples to get through and hopefully will be able to cement our future relationship over the coming weeks.

From the Coonawarra, we have an impressive list of samples from Rymill who produce an excellent collection of Cabernet Sauvignon. I am particularly looking forward to these. Magda and I have been enthusiastically liaising with Phillip Harrison, Managing Director of Bannockburn Vineyards, situated in the Geelong wine region of Victoria. All Bannockburn wines are made from fruit grown on their long-established estate. The meticulously tended vineyards and the "hands-off" approach by winemaker Matt Holmes results in wines that are exciting, complex and unique. Their near perfect 2017 Serré Pinot Noir release received 99 points from James Halliday which rightly demonstrates how great these wines are. Samples are in the air and heading to our HQ. We cannot wait!

From the Barossa, we may also be bringing back Elderton Wines on a permanent basis. Conversations with Allister Ashmead are super-positive, which we are delighted with. Many of you have purchased their wines over the past 2-3 years. We are looking to reintroduce the Command Shiraz and Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon, which represent their ‘Elite Single Vineyard’ collection. They also produce a super-cuvee named Fifteen, a single vineyard expression of Shiraz from a vineyard that turned 100 years old in 2015, located on the western ridge of the famous Barossa Valley. Originally planted by the Helbig family in 1915, the vineyard became a very sought-after parcel for the Barossa’s leading winemakers. Luckily for the Ashmead family, they were able to acquire this vineyard in late 2010, forever ending the race to get this amazing fruit. It is far from cheap and will be retailing around £140.00 per bottle (Only 1428 bottles are produced, with each bottle individually numbered and signed by Cameron and Allister Ashmead). We do not envisage adding this to our potential order list however, we are happy to do so if you would like to secure a few bottles. Please contact Magda directly.

They produce three wines under their ‘Exceptional Site’ collection including an old favourite, Ode to Lorraine… The suite of Estate Family Vineyard wines (Chardonnay, GSM, Shiraz, Cabernet & Merlot) look fabulous with the majority retailing for around £17.95 per bottle. We like the look of their entry level wines too. The E-Series Cabernet / Shiraz & Chardonnay are highly-quaffable at around £11.95.


We are conscious that many of our customers are housebound and will be so until the lockdown is either lifted or eased a little. Gardens have become a haven for many as has the enjoyment of daily wine. Tucking into expensive wines each day has its financial restrictions and rightly so. We are working incredibly hard to offer a selection of wines which are more wallet friendly without impacting on quality as this goes against the core beliefs of The Vinorium.

We are gathering a lovely sub £20.00 collection which can be viewed here or by clicking on the below banner. This week we have added two fabulous wines from the New Zealand producer, Sacred Hill. We have long been admirers and have always sampled their range during the annual New Zealand tastings held in London. We would be their UK agent if it were not for some odd business decisions regarding distribution which highlights how much we respect their wines. We start with two wines, sensitively priced and both offer serious bang for its buck. The 2016 Hawkes Bay Reserve Shiraz and the 2018 Reserve Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc are excellent wines offering texture, quality and superior mouthfeel. I believe you will be highly impressed with our two, new additions.

Marlborough, New Zealand

Inspired by raw, natural beauty and a blatant disregard for convention, three renegades set out with a simple idea, to make more wine than they could drink and share the rest.


We are expecting our new Zalto glassware order to arrive next week, which and despite our love for these handblown beauties, may be our last. Cost prices commencing 1 May 2020 are increasing by some 16% which and given the current global situation is daft and beyond comprehension. Adding an additional £5.00 to our biggest sellers, Bordeaux, Universal and Burgundy is significant and perhaps where we draw the line and stop offering the range. We believe our new order (at the pre-inflated prices) will see us through until the end of the summer. I love the glassware and only use Zalto for professional and personal usage however, and unless we receive a substantial discount on our next order (highly unlikely as they are as flexible as granite) we will part company…

So, our week ends with our message to you all. As ever, and never taken for granted, we are truly blessed to have your continued support. You are the reason we come to work each day and the motive to search out the next, great wine. Our current lives are somewhat on hold and our future impossible to define, but and to quote one of my favourites, Henry Van Dyke “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity”.

Until next weekend, keep safe & well…

My very best wishes to you all,


Kusuda Wines

Martinborough, New Zealand

Hiro Kusuda

"Here, clearly, is Japanese perfectionism as applied to one of the world’s most pragmatic wine industries. And the resulting wines are truly exceptional."

Bob Campbell

Kusuda Pinot Noir 2016

Bob Campbell "Perfumed pinot noir with the usual Kusuda purity and subtle power, but with a little more structure than usual. Floral, plum, spice and savoury, fresh herb flavours. A supremely elegant wine offering great cellaring potential"

£85.00 per bottle

Kusuda Riesling 2017

Bob Campbell "Quite a concentrated riesling with lime, white flowers and oyster shell mineral character supported by taut, ripe acidity that helps drive a lengthy finish. An impeccable wine with Kusuda trademark purity and power."

£35.95 per bottle

"99 Points -

An amazing wine with a strong

 Kusuda signature."

Bob Campbell

Kusuda Riesling TBA 2015 Half

99 Points - Bob Campbell "Only 840 half-bottles. Golden colour. Quite sweet without any suggestion of being at all cloying or syrupy, in fact, the wine has an incredibly pure and ethereal texture. Very complex with honeycomb, grapefruit marmalade, dried mango, apricot and exotic floral characters to name just a few of the more obvious flavours. An amazing wine with a strong Kusuda signature."

£82.95 per half bottle

"This is Australia's answer to Montrachet"
James Halliday

Robert Oatley The Pennant Chardonnay 2013

98+ Points Stuart McCloskey “Exquisite, truly so… Sadly, Larry (Cherubino) produced one solitary barrel of this absolute beauty. The aromatics are breathtaking, incredibly penetrating with oyster shell, yuzu, lemon peel with the faintest suggestion of salty sea breeze. Stunning in a word. The palate offers heavenly complexity, amazing depth and a finish which seems to never end. The layers of citrus, slate, mineral and a little salinité are a joy. Huge sensory overload with so much energy. Do not serve too cold and allow 20-30 minutes in a decanter. Nothing short of magnificent and will continue to be so until 2030. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware."

97 Points - James Halliday "From a single vineyard in Karridale, hand-picked, whole-bunch pressed direct to new French oak, wild-fermented, matured for 10 months, no racking or batonnage, 6 barrels made. This is an exceptional wine, showing that doing less can be the hardest. References to Burgundy irritate some, so I tend to stay away unless I feel strongly, as I do here. This is Australia's answer to Montrachet, and a convincing one at that. This is going up to the house."

£28.95 per bottle

Every purchase of 6 bottles will include the original wooden case

Robert Oatley The Pennant Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Halliday Wine Companion Awards - Top Rated Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

97 Points - James Halliday  "Excellent hue; the super-fragrant and expressive bouquet doesn't prepare you for the unadulterated power of the palate, putting this in the class of the super-cabernets that are the flagship wines of the First Families in Margaret River. It has tiers of fruit, one on top of each other, and so on, and so forth, the tannins there in respectful attendance, giving rise to perfect balance. Oh, and yes, there's lots of new French oak."

£34.50 per bottle

Robert Oatley Finisterre Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

95 Points - James Halliday "From Wilyabrup, hand-picked, berry sorted, wild yeast open-fermented, up to 6 weeks on skins, matured for 15 months in French oak (66% new). The difference between this and its Great Southern sibling is profound. The colour is a slightly different shade, but it's the bouquet and the wine in the mouth that march to the tune of their own drum. This is more textured, and more nuanced in its palette. The corollary is the obvious question - is the Great Southern more pure?"

£21.50 per bottle


‘I am not interested in talking about classic or modern, I prefer talking about balance, harmonious oak integration, fresh and vivid palate and producing a wine with long-ageing capacity.’
Owner & Winemaker, Jesus Madrazo


In 1973, Contino created the first single vineyard Rioja rather than blending fruit from different sources across the region, which used to be the standard practice in Rioja. They have produced wines from its estate vineyards even since and they continue to be justly recognized for producing wines of great consistency, quality, and longevity. A testament to the hard work of Madrazo’s team, who understand that no amount of elaborate winemaking equipment is a substitute for extensive work in the vineyards.

Contino wines remains a staple for consistent quality and quite frankly, superb value.

Viñedos del Contino Garnacha 2015

Winemaker "Very intense aromas of red mature fruits such as cherry and redcurrant, menthol, mineral, spices and slight balsamic notes. Inside the mouth we find a dense texture with a sweet and unctuous entrance. Soft tanins of fruit and wood, persistent in mouth with a well balanced ending.

£21.00 per bottle

Viñedos del Contino Rioja Reserva 2015

Winemaker "Deep ruby red in colour, clear and bright. The nose is very expressive, with fruit expression and elegance standing out. Red fruits are well integrated with spicy notes adding to the finesse. On the palate, the wine is well balanced and very long.

£19.25 per bottle

Stella Bella Wines Otro Vino The Italian 2018

Otro Vino = other wine. Adventurous, creative and explorative.

Blend: 60% Sangiovese and 40% Merlot

Cellaring potential: 10+ years

Alcohol: 13.6%

Winemaker: In homage to the classics of Tuscany, this vino evokes the essence of Italy. Wild fermented Sangiovese with a splash of Merlot, it is captivating and filled with charm. Vespa red in colour it oozes with scents of cherries, violets and red currants. Medium bodied and light on its feet with subtle tannin, the palate is driven by raspberry and cherry fruit. Defined by fresh acidity and savoury curves that give length, depth and lineage. Pure charisma and Italian style... Bella!

£17.25 per bottle

In case you missed it…  
New Arrivals from:

“From top to bottom (there is no obvious bottom) the Pegasus Bay collection is incredible. Age worthy brilliance which can be purchased on a budget. Their ‘09 Riesling offers unrivalled brilliance and is potentially the best new world example money can buy. To us, a collection every bit as great as Felton Road & Dry River.”

Stuart McCloskey

Pegasus Bay Chardonnay 2017

97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “Reductive at first but diminishes with a little aeration. I’ll start with my conclusion; overall a Chardonnay which is flamboyant, generous and thoroughly moreish, which will please those who are seeking a fuller style of wine. The value is off the charts – I believe most would be happy to pay north of thirty-pounds. With aeration (20 minutes or so) the wine unfurls with notes of creamed cashew, lemongrass, freshly juiced lemons, spice and wet, hot stones. Layer-upon-layer of fruit washes across your palate. Wonderful creamy richness juxtaposed with grip and acidity. Oodles of finesse with a finish which is endless. A real showstopper with the quality and structure to age gracefully over the next decade. A WOW for the money. Incredible value. Served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware.”

96 Points - James Suckling "Impressive, vibrant and flinty white-peach and grapefruit aromas with an array of fresh, spicy, hazelnut-tinged oak. The palate combines a lot of ripe melon and white peaches with smoky, grilled nuts. Great wine that’s packed with interest. Drink now. Screw cap."

£22.95 per bottle

Pegasus Bay Riesling 2009

98+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “The bouquet soars from the glass with an infusion of mineral, honey, lime, quince, caramelised apple, roasted pineapple and sweet spices. This is one of those rare wines which provides as much olfactory pleasure as does the taste itself – quite magical. The palate offers wonderful intensity but is far from being clumsy. Highly elegant given its soaring presence. Texturally, similar to a German Auslese (not to be confused with the sweetness level). The complexity is beguiling… The palate is silken and counterpoints perfectly from stones, salt, minerals to a juicy ripeness which leaves me drooling for more. I could honestly get carried away with this wine. The best NZ Riesling I have had the pleasure to sample – I am in awe. Serve around 11 degrees (fridge cold is too cold) and enjoy late afternoon / early evening in the sunshine. Do not serve with food – Enjoy the moment which food will interrupt. Amazing now but I would love to re-sample in ten years. Served using Zalto universal glassware

£27.95 per bottle
Pegasus Bay Riesling 2016

James Suckling  

"Ripe lime and lemon fruits with some candied glacé citrus are cast across flinty and stony aromas. The palate has a long, fluid build of concentrated citrus and stone fruit flavours. Terrific depth. Drink now. Screw cap."

Robert Parker

 "Peg Bay's 2016 Riesling offers up hints of struck flint or crushed stone, singed orange zest, ripe nectarine and tangerines. It would benefit from a brief decanting—just don't let it warm too much. It's slightly sweet and medium-bodied, weighing in along the lines of a Pfalz wine, with plenty of weight and richness for a Riesling."

£19.50 per bottle
Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Dry Riesling 2015

18.5+ Raymond Chan "Bright, light golden-yellow colour with some depth, paler on the edge. The nose is elegant in proportion with rich and concentrated, well-packed aromas of ripe citrus fruits along with honey, marmalade and musk, unfolding exotic floral elements. Dryish to taste and medium-full bodied, the palate has a concentrated, dense heart packed with harmoniously integrated flavours of ripe citrus fruits, marmalade, honeysuckle and musk. This has real body and presence, and the palate has a rounded and gently unctuous mouthfeel. The acidity is ripe and soft, providing underlying energy and drive, and the wine carries to a long, lingering finish of honey, citrus fruits and musk. This is a full and concentrated dry Riesling with ripe citrus fruits, honey, musk and marmalade botrytis flavours on a rounded, unctuous palate. 

£20.50 per bottle
Pegasus Bay Bel Canto Dry Riesling 2017

James Suckling  

"Ripe lime and lemon fruits with some candied glacé citrus are cast across flinty and stony aromas. The palate has a long, fluid build of concentrated citrus and stone fruit flavours. Terrific depth. Drink now. Screw cap."

Robert Parker

"Peg Bay's 2016 Riesling offers up hints of struck flint or crushed stone, singed orange zest, ripe nectarine and tangerines. It would benefit from a brief decanting—just don't let it warm too much. It's slightly sweet and medium-bodied, weighing in along the lines of a Pfalz wine, with plenty of weight and richness for a Riesling."

£20.95 per bottle
Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir 2016

97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey "The bouquet offers a warming hug of autumn extending from wild, dark berries, plums, dried orange rind to a background of sweet spice. The palate is ample and full of character. The fruit is ripe but far from being overdone – plums, dark cherry, quite floral, violets and a soupçon of Asian spice. The tannins and acidity integrate flawlessly – the balance is perfect. Very much in its infancy and will be sublime in 5 years. Just a joy to drink, wonderful. Served with Zalto Burgundy glassware.”

£28.50 per bottle
Pegasus Bay Pinot Noir 2009

96 Points - Sam Kim, Wine Orbit "Magnificently composed and expressed, the bouquet shows dried cherry, smoked game, cedar, toasted spice and subtle floral notes, followed by a concentrated palate that is wonderfully flavoursome and lingering. The wine delivers terrific fruit power and spicy nuances, seamlessly structured by loads of silky tannins. Expansive and glorious."

Only 11 bottles available

£38.50 per bottle

Outstanding Value

Our top picks

De Martino Estate Chardonnay 2019 (Case 6x75cl)

The Estate line brings together wines with a fresh, honest style that respect the varietal expression of their region of origin. This Chardonnay from the Casablanca Valley is fresh with a pleasant palate.

£57.00 per case of 6
De Martino Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 (Case 6x75cl)

The Estate line brings together wines with a fresh, honest style that respect the varietal expression of their region of origin. Maipo is well-known for its Cabernet Sauvignon wines. This wine is a good example of this classic from Maipo.

£57.00 per case of 6
De Martino Estate Merlot 2018 (Case 6x75cl)

The Estate line brings together wines with a fresh, honest style that respect the varietal expression of their region of origin. Maipo is well-known for its Merlot wines as well as its Cabernet. This wine is a good example of this classic from Maipo.

£57.00 per case of 6
De Martino Estate Carmenere 2017 (Case 6x75cl)

The Estate line brings together wines with a fresh, honest style that respect the varietal expression of their region of origin. This Carmenere is an excellent example of this emblematic Chilean variety.

£57.00 per case of 6
Domaine Naturaliste Discovery Sauvignon Blanc 2018

94 Points - James Halliday "80% cool-fermented in stainless steel, 20% as cloudy juice in used French oak. This gives a tactile flavour expression equalled by few other Australian sauvignon blancs. It's not about Marlborough, but the Loire Valley/Bordeaux of France at half the price."

£14.75 per bottle
Stella Bella Otro Vino Chardonnay 2017

95++ Points, Stuart McCloskey "Whilst writing, I am sipping on a new wine from the Stella Bella stable. Otro Vino Chardonnay which and to quote them translates to ‘Other wine. Adventurous, creative, exotic, and explorative hand-crafted wines.’ I like it. In fact, I like it very much. It lacks the concentration of the Suckfizzle, but the same winemaking philosophy is matched. Sea spray, citrus and offers a lovely texture. A more detailed tasting note will be released soon. Highly recommended and should really be retailing for at least five pounds more a bottle.

£15.50 per bottle
Massena Surly Muse Viognier/Marsanne 2018

97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey “Despite the price tag, I am not afraid to declare this as one of my favourite Aussie white wines. Expertly crafted from a blend of 60% Viognier and 40% Marsanne which are sourced from two, new vineyards on the Western Ridge. The Viognier in Greenock and the Marsanne in Stonewell. The nose is refined and provides a lovely sense of citrus marmalade, minerals (liquorice?), honey, pineapple, and ripe peach. The palate is exquisitely balanced, and I love the bite from the tannins, which provides a perfect frame of structure (as does the acidity). Medium-bodied and so, so pure. The wine is aged 'sur lie' (on lees) for an extended period providing a palate full of texture and phenolics. It’s difficult to pin down precise fruit characters – touches of honey. Currently, this is all about wonderful textures intermixed with stones / minerals. Sensational in its youth but I imagine this will be at its best in 3-5 years. Served in Zalto Universal glassware (I think the Bordeaux glass will provide a better, textural drinking experience). We wanted to purchase a full pallet however, sadly a mere 180 bottles were allocated!

£16.50 per bottle / £17.95 per bottle
Hoddles Creek Estate Chardonnay 2017

Featured in Langton's 'Top Six': The Best wines of 2018

95 Points - James Halliday "This is Wickhams Road's twin playing games with you, for there is that little bit more of every facet of Wickhams Road present in this wine, even its colour is that little bit greener. It's the extra dimension of the faintly reductive aftertaste that draws me back for more."

Campbell Mattinson, The Winefront "White peach, custard powder, more spritely stuff like lemon zest and green olive, perhaps a touch of spice. Light and fresh, some lactic/cheese flavour and stalks, with fine acidity and chalk dust texture, and a savoury finish of good length. It’s a good release, though perhaps a bit different in style this vintage."

£17.50 per bottle
Kay Brothers Amery Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon 2003

Robert Parker "One of Australia’s most traditional winemakers, Colin Kay fashions old style, high quality, distinctive Australian reds. The spicy, earthy, tobacco, cherry, and currant-scented 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon is borderline rustic, but spicy, big, chewy, and attractive. It is by no means from the refined school of winemaking, but it possesses so much personality and soul, it is hard not to give it a high rating."

£14.95 per bottle
Kay Brothers Amery Vineyard Basket Pressed Shiraz 2017

Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "In 2017, McLaren Vale Shiraz is a little different to your usual bear. Quite spicy, almost Rhoney, you might say. Plenty of spice over blackberry and dark chocolate, a pleasant wet forest floor thing happening too, along with some mint. Full-bodied, silty rich tannin, black olive and some meaty umami flavours, in among the warmth and dark fruit, a kind of coolness too, and a finish that runs on with calcium carbonate tannin. Has interest and character. Drinks well now too."

£15.95 per bottle
Majella The Musician Cabernet Shiraz 2016

James Halliday "A 70/30% blend, fermented in stainless steel and oak, matured for 6 months with minimal oak contact before blending. Great colour; one of life's sweet mysteries is keeping the price identical to that of the first release in '04. It is a joyous wine, revelling in its blend of blackcurrant, blackberry and plum fruit. Made with minimal oak contact, retaining maximum fruit freshness."

£12.75 per bottle
St Hallett Butcher's Cart Shiraz 2015

Gary Walsh (The Wine Front) "In 2017, McLaren Vale Shiraz is a little different to your usual bear. Quite spicy, almost Rhoney, you might say. Plenty of spice over blackberry and dark chocolate, a pleasant wet forest floor thing happening too, along with some mint. Full-bodied, silty rich tannin, black olive and some meaty umami flavours, in among the warmth and dark fruit, a kind of coolness too, and a finish that runs on with calcium carbonate tannin. Has interest and character. Drinks well now too."

£15.95 per bottle
Delivery information

Our preferred UK courier, DHL Parcel UK, have been fully operational during this period and have worked tirelessly to ensure 99% of all parcels despatched are delivered on time to all of our customers. However, during the Bank Holiday weekend DHL experienced a massive surge in parcel volumes through their network.  DHL are working to keep everyone safe, offering ‘Accepted at Delivery Point’ contact free deliveries, working longer hours, and over the weekends.  They are continually reviewing operational processes. DHL will continue collecting and delivering parcels for our customers but there may be disruptions to some services under the current conditions. Please rest assured that your wine will be despatched as usual on a Next Day Delivery service, however there may be delays to some deliveries of up to 48 hours. We will continue to monitor the progress of all deliveries and thank you all for your kind understanding during this difficult time.