Christmas Gifting  

I (Stu) have enjoyed some wonderful Christmas times with some of the most memorable and enjoyable being on the West coast of Scotland… Climbing the Cuillin’s (as per my photograph) when the entire ridge is devoid of humans is an amazing feeling. Often, I would drive overnight, rest and then head out for a super-early climb (midnight) with the aim to be back by the fireside by mid-morning on Christmas Day. It always felt extra special climbing on Christmas morning and to spend a week amongst the beautiful hills found on the Isle of Skye.

Alas, many Christmas Days ended before the Queen’s speech due to fatigue, lack of sleep, a bottle of Champagne, served with a large bowl of pigs in blankets followed by several glasses of claret putting me to rest nice and early. I plan to return next Christmas with this one spent at home which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Conversations in the office are turning to Christmas menus and wine pairings, with me often being the instigator… Magda set me a fun task by providing me with a £500 budget and told me to go on a shopping trip around our HQ shop, which I did, and I will be taking the following wines home (note to finance).


Andre Roger Grande Reserve Grand Cru NV 
(I do have some Krug stashed away which I will open)

White Wine

2015 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay –
Such an amazing wine and I have served this beauty over the past three years.

2017 Hoddles Creek 1er Chardonnay -
This is turning into a remarkable wine and certainly one of my favourites.

2017 Stolpman Vineyards L'Avion Roussanne -
An extraordinary wine experience and adds a healthy dollop of decadence.

2016 Paul Lato "East of Eden" Pisoni Chardonnay -
For me, the best wine producer in the USA. Truly amazing wines.

Red Wine

2018 Gemtree Wines Ernest Allan Shiraz - This wine celebrates naturality, power, length, charm, character and complexity. Amazing for such a youngster.

2019 Mulline Bannockburn Syrah 2019 -
Unquestionably, one of my favourite Aussie reds…

2014 Wayfarer Estate Pinot Noir -
My number one Pinot and an almost perfect example.

2015 Flowstone Queen of the Earth Cabernet Sauvignon –
Adorable and a wine I thoroughly enjoy with or without food.

2018 Utopos Cabernet Sauvignon – One of the best Aussie Cabs to have graced our palates for years. I cannot wait to spend a few days with it.

Yes, we could provide you with a catalogue of mixed cases and our suggested gift ideas. However, we would prefer it if you simply view our cellar as your cellar… You have the run of the place (and it’s an impressively large place)

Choose whatever takes your fancy and assemble a case comprising any number of bottles, the options are almost unlimited…

Perhaps begin with a Grand Cru Champagne to accompany the morning’s pigs in blankets. In an ideal world we would offer one of our great Tassie fizzes, however, our shippers have cocked up and we fear their arrival will be too late for Santa’s sleigh.

Then add the most luxurious Chardonnay which will be a dream with a salmon starter, game bird main course or a nut roast.

Why not try one of our Yarra Valley Pinot Noirs – perfect with all your main courses (Perhaps Cabernet Sauvignon or an old Shiraz if you are serving beef)

We have some fabulous dessert wines which we love to see served chilled as an aperitif (with your puddings too) – a little sweetness for granny 


Create the
perfect gift


Gift boxes add that extra wow factor

Single and double gift boxes available

Your gifts, whether that be for loved ones or colleagues can all be found among our shelves – help yourselves and be sure to make your selection before the 2:00pm cut-off to ensure next working day delivery (UK only).

Pick one of our wooden gift boxes and then select your choice of bottles to fill it, creating the perfect stocking filler…


If you find yourselves lost in our cellar, there’s a helpful selection of gift cards stashed under the till. Choose the value of the gift and we will pop this into an envelope for you and we won’t forget to handwrite your Christmas message before sending these directly to your loved ones.

"As pleasurable to give
as they are to enjoy"

PS. Please don’t forget to pay as you leave…

Failing the above, call or email the team as we would love to help ensure you find the perfect gifts and wines for the big day.

One of the simplest and truly great pleasures in life is to indulge in a glass of Champagne. Our superb selection of fabulous Fizz features both modestly priced bottles alongside some more extravagant offerings so you are sure to find something to suit both your taste and budget. 


The Perfect Christmas Treat

"The right glassware can elevate any wine to another level, add value to any bottle and make an already outstanding wine something unforgettable."


The best of the best

After an uncountable number of bottles, we are thrilled to share our wines and producers of the year.


Our Family Selection of Reds is specially curated to give you and your loved ones optimum taste without breaking the bank. You are sure to raise a smile and make your Christmas special with these wines and as for their price, they punch well above their weight. Maximum deliciousness and that's all.


Truly scrumptious wines to share... or not!


Elderton Barossa GSM 2018

 95 points 
The Real Review

Dark, ripe plums, cedary oak, graphite and charcuterie - plenty to consider when swirled in the glass. It's ripe & balanced. The shiraz portion dominates the blend and it is all the better for it. Great work at the blending tableDelicious." 
read more

£18.50 per bottle

Soumah Hexham Pinot Noir 2018

97 Points  
Stuart McCloskey 

“I love the bouquet which is so inviting, a mix of soured red fruits, dried orange peel & an entire pantry full of sweet spices - there’s a little Christmas feel to the aromas which I find wistful... The best Aussie Pinot Noir you are likely to find at twenty-quid" 

£19.95 per bottle

Rymill Maturation Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

96 Points  
Stuart McCloskey
“The palate starts with sweeter fruit notes and falls to mineral, cedar, dried herbs and tobacco. There’s lots of brightness thanks to the streak of acidity – graceful and light on its feet which I enjoy. Classic Claret-esqu... 
read more

£21.95 per bottle


A snippet of our truly spectacular
and hedonistic collection of reds…

Whether you are hosting or visiting friends and family this Christmas, you must take a moment to indulge yourself, as well as to present your nearest and dearest with something rather special. Understanding how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of our premium red wines, we have hand-picked a collection of some of our truly spectacular and self-indulgent offerings. A helpful snippet of what we have to offer…


Standout wines from our luxurious collection


Planta Circa Ancestor Vine Cabernet 2017

98 Points  
James Halliday

"From a single vineyard owned by the Zerk family, planted 1880 to 1890, making it one of the oldest cabernet vineyards in Australia. This is pure and simple cabernet, elegant, long and finely structured. A great cabernet vintage for this great vineyard" 
read more

£42.95 per bottle

Anthill Farms Harmony Lane Pinot Noir 2018

94-96 Points  
Antonio Galloni
“The 2018 Pinot Noir Harmony Lane is one of the most complete, arrestingly beautiful wines I have ever tasted from Anthill Farms. Dark, rich and unctuous. Lavender, mint and blue / purplish fruit infuse this exquisitely layered, inviting Pinot
" ... read more

£48.50 per bottle

Standish The Relic Shiraz / Viognier 2018

100 Points  
Stuart McCloskey
The fruit saturates your palate, but and from the very first sip, the level of poise is breathtaking. Less powerhouse and more ethereal brilliance. Deeply impressive and perhaps my favourite out of the collection"... 
read more

£71.50 per bottle


Our Family Whites Selection has been curated with your Christmas day in mind. Delicious whites that will make your day that little bit more perfect. Whether its zingy Sauvignon Blancs, Oaky Chardonnays with dabs of honey, citrus driven wines or perhaps minerality is what whets your palate. Whatever it may be, you will find a generous selection of brilliant wines that everyone will love.


A few gems from our family selection

Soumah Chardonnay 2019

95 Points  Magdalena Sienkiewicz 
"A new age, citrus crisp Chardonnay with texture and finesse. It will suit everyone looking for a seamless, textural Chardonnay... Such an exciting wine."
read more

£15.95 per bottle

Latta Vino Granite Riesling 2019

97 Points  
Stuart McCloskey 

“The bouquet is immensely appealing, offering scents of orange and rose blossom, orchard fruit, quince, spring flowers and a little citrus... read more

£21.00 per bottle

Stolpman Estate Roussanne 2017

97+ Points  
Stuart McCloskey
“The bouquet reveals itself with honey, beeswax, melted candle wax, orange blossom and a wonderful floral lift – Smoked minerals develop with more aeration... read more

£23.95 per bottle


Our extensive, award winning collection
to suit every palate.

White wines are great crowd pleasers from the outset – superb as an aperitif, they also pair extremely well with a huge variety of foods. We understand that choosing from our colossal collection can be a daunting task. We have put together a selection of our favourite white wines which offer some of the best value we have ever seen. 


Snippets from our luxurious collection

Eileen Hardy
Chardonnay 2015

99 Points  
Stuart McCloskey 

"Just magnificent and for me, the best Chardonnay in our portfolio... I could write a short book on the bouquet alone, which is hedonistic, breathtaking and takes you on the most magical of journeys... read more"

£31.95 per bottle

Hoddles Creek 1er Chardonnay 2017

97+ to 98+ Points  
Stuart McCloskey 

“Do not overchill and allow the wondrous bouquet to unfurl to crisp yellow stone fruits, lemon oil, its rich with minerality (wet chalk), buttered citrus, spring flowers and nashi pear. I adore the bouquet... read more

£30.50 per bottle

Stolpman L'Avion
Roussanne 2017

98+ Points  
Stuart McCloskey
“The palate is concentrated, full bodied with waves of honey and buttered fruits covering every facet. Intensity is the core of this wine, with minerality and acidity providing some welcome relief... 
read more

£35.95 per bottle


Impeccable complementary wines
​for your classic Christmas feast.

We have carefully chosen a selection of wines which will impeccably complement the classic Christmas lunch and reward all the effort in the kitchen. Whether you will be tucking into turkey, goose, duck, beef or even a nut roast we offer the perfect wine accompaniment. With full-bodied, rich and creamy whites for your turkey, sublime lighter style Pinot Noirs to pair with your goose or duck and a host of delectable Cabernet Sauvignons and intriguing red blends to choose from, this selection of wines are more than up to the challenge of this eagerly anticipated meal.


Superb alone or enjoyed with indulgent desserts

Our delightful 2011 Château Carmes de Rieussec performs perfectly with Stilton or Roquefort, and our intensely decadent 2015 Château Climens is the standout Sauternes of the year. We also have a rare treat for connoisseurs – the 100 point Chambers Rosewood vineyard Rare Muscadelle, “this is one of the world’s most remarkable dessert wines, and is worth every effort to latch on to a half bottle or so."


Sensational biodynamic wines from McLaren Vale.

Gemtree Wines is owned and operated by husband and wife team; Melissa and Mike Brown. They are dedicated to growing their incredible wines, naturally with minimal intervention in the winemaking process along with an environmentally friendly farming system. Gemtree produce biodynamic and certified organic wines which are powerful, concentrated and beautifully express the true characteristics of each grape variety and region. Team Vinorium have been blown away by their range and we are very excited to share them with you all.


"Great wine deserves the best glassware"


Please allow 48 hours for all deliveries

Our preferred UK courier, DHL Parcel UK have provided an outstanding service throughout this year, during such an extraordinary time. As Christmas fast approaches, people are turning to online ordering more than ever, leading to record numbers of parcels passing through their network. The Vinorium alone saw a rise of 200% in the last ten days of November.

All orders received by us before 2pm are despatched the same day without fail, but in the past 72 hours we have seen at least 30% of our orders delayed in the DHL system. This is far from ideal and beyond our control. In light of this, please can we ask you to be mindful and allow 48 hours for all your deliveries. 

As ever, my team and I remain at your disposal.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

My very best wishes, Stu


Our Christmas cut off times

Last orders will leave our HQ on Tuesday 22 December @ 2:00pm

HQ collection available: Cut-off for collection 12:00 noon on Wednesday 23 December

All orders placed after 2:00pm on 22 Dec (unless collecting) will be dispatched on Monday 4 January