Glaetzer-Dixon Wines


To cut a long story short, one of Magda’s customers who resides in Tasmania, sent a bottle of Pinot Noir over for the team to sample. This was sent out of the goodness of his heart rather than a hope we would support his friend’s wine. We loved it. So much so, we wanted to purchase a favourable allocation to ship back to the UK. Alas, exporting this very good Tassie Pinot Noir was not an option as production levels are tiny.

With a little research, the uber talented Nick Glaetzer emerged as the winemaker. Nick is no stranger to wine and comes from a family of great winemakers. His brother, Ben is the man behind some of Barossa’s greats including Amon Ra and Anaperenna. We set to the task and tracked Nick down with an introductory email and the tangible connection. We’ll introduce Nick more formally in a month or two however, what we uncovered from a gifted bottle was some of the best (I mean this with utter conviction) Tassie Pinot Noir I have ever sampled. In fact, and as it stands, Nick’s own wines, which we sampled throughout the course of this week, offer amazing amplitude and depth. Forget the benchmark for all Tassie Pinot Noirs. These are the benchmark for all of Australia. Superlatives do little justice and we are to become Nick’s exclusive agent.
I omitted to mention his Shiraz wines – WOW!

Sadly, Nick’s Hobart operation is small and his following ferociously loyal. Our allocations for this year will be lean but this is one wine I would put to the top of my
‘must-buys’ of 2018.

(ETA 1st week of September)

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