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In 2018, an unexpected gift arrived on our office doorstep from one of our Tasmanian customers, which in turn became the catalyst to unearthing some of the best Apple Isle Pinot & Shiraz we have sampled in a very, very long time.

Allow us to explain. A customer of ours, Martin assists a friend who produces a Pinot Noir named ‘Devil of a Red’, the wine which arrived at our HQ. Unusually, as our mountain of samples grows, we poured after a few days of arriving and were surprised by the overall quality. Granted, the label design was unstylish but the liquid content certainly made-up for the exterior failings. That day, we contacted Martin as we were very interested in purchasing some stock for the UK. Alas, very little is being produced and the winemaking venture is merely there to please friends and family – no more, no less.

Interestingly, a familiar name popped up in tiny letters on the back label, made by Nick Glaetzer. Needless to say, the Glaetzer family of winemakers has roots in the Barossa Valley dating back to 1888. We know Nick’s brother, Ben and stock his superb 2005 The Bishop. We physically tracked Nick down to his own operation in Hobart, Tasmania’s capital. An enthusiastic email titled: “We loved your Pinot Noir...”, was sent and an equally excited response was returned. Nick was incredibly complimentary and declared that the ‘Devil of a Red’ site is “pretty special and amazing to work with”. Of course, the content of his email turned quickly to his own wines and the offer to send a full set of samples was graciously accepted.  

Fast forward two weeks and an on-track delivery from DHL – They all arrived safely and were quickly prepared for sampling a few days later. Wines do become a little stressed with long distance travel and do require some TLC before sampling. We normally wait a month however, time was of the essence and we were impatient!


Nick’s Impressive CV: Nick first corrupted his hands with wine as a toddler in the cellars of Seppelt’s at Rutherglen and Great Western, where his father Colin was a winemaker for the Seppelt Family. Then Colin established Glaetzer Wines in the Barossa Valley, where Nick worked his first ‘real’ vintages before moving on to work at some of the great Australian wineries, including Leeuwin Estate, Wolf Blass, Lindeman’s, Rosemount, Evans & Tate and Frogmore Creek. A few vintage stints in between in France (Domain de la Ferrrandière in the Languedoc and Domain Albert Morot in Burgundy) and Germany (Weingut Egon Müller) broadened Nick’s practical experiences and sparked a thirst for Pinot Noir and Riesling.

In 2011 Nick Glaetzer was named 'Young Winemaker of the Year' by Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine. In the same year, Nick's 2010 Mon Pere Shiraz was awarded the prestigious Jimmy Watson Memorial trophy at the Royal Melbourne Wine Show - the first time in the trophy's 50-year history for a Tasmanian wine.

To draw this story to a close, all five of Nick’s wines have arrived safely and are recovering after their long journey in the cooling comforts of our HQ warehouse and we are extremely excited to share them with you all. 


Stuart McCloskey -

“I defy anyone to present such a prodigious line-up for the same value. There are a handful of wines that unite in a chorus of admiration and Nick’s certainly do. The range is tensile with profound complexity gaining with the hierarchy of each wine. We will be resampling throughout the course of next week and issuing our full tasting notes for each wine in next Weekend’s Reading, which is an exercise we are all looking forward to. I am confident Nick's wines will become one of the leading names in Australia. And who knows, perhaps his La Judith Pinot Noir will knock Bass Philips wines off their pedestal. Now, there’s a thought…”


Glaetzer-Dixon 2014 La Judith Shiraz

“It's a tour de force of Tasmanian Shiraz, albeit one produced in micro quantities of 232 bottles. If Mon Père is Saint-Joseph,
this is Hermitage”.

Joe Czerwinski (

"Nick Glaetzer's incredible 2014 La Judith Shiraz smells something like pfeffernüsse and cherry preserves, offering layered aromas of cracked pepper, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg and red fruit. It's medium to full-bodied, feeling bigger and more expansive than its modest 13.7% alcohol, while being rich, silky and long. The oak, entirely new, has been nicely absorbed into the wine, contributing spice and texture without getting in the way of the fruit. It's a tour de force of Tasmanian Shiraz, albeit one produced in micro quantities of 232 bottles. If Mon Père is Saint-Joseph, this is Hermitage."

Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)

"Second release of Glaetzer-Dixon’s ambitious La Judith Shiraz. The bottle reviewed here was No. 003 of 232. Shiraz for lovers of cool-climate reds. Red and black cherries, port wine jelly, tomato leaf, deli meats, truffles and fistfuls of spice. Throw in walnut and black pepper characters too. First night there seemed a good measure of oak too; day two and it all seemed to have meshed into one. It’s an exotic wine. It’s not for everyone but then the best things rarely/never are."

£100.00 per bottle

* Restricted to 3 bottles per customer *



Glaetzer-Dixon 2016 Mon Père Shiraz

Joe Czerwinski (

"Made by a scion of a prominent Barossan winemaking family, it perhaps should be no surprise that the 2016 Mon Père Shiraz is a top Tasmanian example. Prominent cracked pepper notes accent ripe cherry fruit in this medium-bodied wine that combines the weight and feel of Old World Syrah with the bold fruit and expressiveness of the New World. Perhaps most akin to a top Saint-Joseph, it's the sort of Shiraz that is winning new converts to the variety."

Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)

"The legend that is Glaetzer Dixon Mon Père Shiraz. There’s a creamy, musky, almost vanillin character here and combined with the tangy, redcurrant-like flavour of the fruit makes for a pretty delicious effect. Of course, being Tasmanian Shiraz, spice notes are set to high levels, as are autumn leaf and tobacco-like characters. Drinking it is like rummaging around a forest floor, the wine’s juicy acidity, satiny texture and choc-nut notes providing all the light/shade/life/interest you could hope for."

£42.50 per bottle


Glaetzer-Dixon 2015 Rêveur Pinot Noir

Joe Czerwinski (

"It's a testament to the power of the fruit that the 2015 Rêveur Pinot Noir spent 19 months in 40% new French oak and yet emerged with such profound purity and freshness. Hints of tea and roses add complexity to ripe cherries and clean compost, which infuse the palate from front to back in richly textured layers of flavor. It's medium to full-bodied, with plenty of tannin, yet it remains approachable and should drink well through at least 2024."

Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)

"Pinot noir from the Coal River Valley. 250 dozen produced. From one of the most interesting and individual producers in the land. A sure-footed, confident wine. Oak and fruit, both served plush, with the acidity and tannin to march it in certain fashion from start to finish. You feel like you’re in good hands. Cherry-plum, foresty notes, pine and cedarwood. Needs time to settle and integrate but the hallmarks of quality are well and truly established."

£37.95 per bottle


Glaetzer-Dixon 2017 Avancé Pinot Noir

Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)

"From one end of the price scale to, almost, the other. This is an impressive wine, from an impressive producer. Excellent varietal character including a hearty sling of flavour through the finish, as is the way of the better examples. This pinot noir is blessed as much with confidence as it is with length, its sour-smoky fruits littered with sweet herb and orange rind notes, a whisper of reduction not hurting matters at all. A dry, structural, fruit-pulsed finish makes for a beautiful exit. Quality and value are both on offer here."

£22.50 per bottle


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