Nocturne is the husband-and-wife partnership between recently-crowned Jimmy Watson-winner and James Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year, Julian Langworthy and his wife Alana who also owns and runs the Yallingup Cheese Company.

Those of you who have enjoyed Deep Woods wines, will respect Julian’s skill across many varietals. We love Deep Woods and firmly believe they are on-par with Vasse Felix and Cullen. In terms of quality versus value, far superior! 

We are proud to be the exclusive UK agent for Nocturne, which is a serious new venture producing single-vineyard wines from exceptional sites in Margaret River. This is the region where Julian grew up and where he’s honed his winemaking skills. The pair are acutely sensitive to the best fruit sources in the region including their pride and joy, the newly acquired Sheoak Vineyard with its beautifully mature Cabernet vines.

Both Julian and Alana are incredibly ambitious and highly skilled which will certainly manifest into Nocturne being some of the most sought-after wines coming out of Australia. Samples were incredible and their Nebbiolo Rosé the best we have ever sampled. We are convinced and look forward to sharing Nocturne wines with you for many years to come…

Nocturne Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

£27.95 per bottle


Nocturne Chardonnay 2017

£27.95 per bottle


Nocturne Nebbiolo Rosé 2018

£18.75 per bottle


2019 Halliday
Winemaker of the Year



Born in WA's Margaret River, Julian Langworthy has always had a roundabout connection to wine. His dad worked for the Department of Agriculture studying grapevines, so he spent in vineyards growing up, but he still didn't march into his career with absolute conviction. "I had a bit of a dalliance with marine biology, which I didn't do very well in," he says. "It sort of seemed fairer on the fishes if I jumped ship, so I moved to South Australia and studied winemaking instead." Popular among his peers and with a trophy cabinet overflowing with awards, Julian clearly made the right choice, having now been crowned Winemaker of the Year.

"The most influential period for me was when I moved to Coonawarra at about 22 - it wasn't really the place to live as a young, single bloke, but I got to work at Jamiesons Rub under Andrew Hales and at Wynns with Sue Holder. They're both immensely awesome winemakers and the taught me a lot," he says.

Julian credits his time in Coonawarra with expanding his skill-set and intensifying his interest in cabernet, but his fondness for the variety was cemented long before. "My dad loves wine and bought a lot of it when I was growing up, so I knew that Penfolds Grange was one of the best wines in Australia, but I'd always assumed it was a cabernet...

I remember finding out when I was nine or ten that it was a shiraz and thinking they must've gotten it wrong.

Even then, I had an affinity with the variety!" Another favourite wine style for Julian is rosé. "It's my Achilles heel," he says. "We spend an inordinate amount of time on it at Deep Woods, but the Harmony Rosé is now our best-selling wine, which is amazing considering six or seven years ago we made hardly any. We're lucky to be at the forefront of Australia waking up to how good these dry styles of rosé can be."

While Deep Woods, in Margaret River's Yallingup subregion, is Julian's main focus, he also works across the Fogarty Wine Group's portfolio, consulting to a team of twelve winemakers. "My hope is that I can add more perspective into our winemaking team, helping them to make nuanced wines they can stand behind and be proud of," he says.

And even with a busy schedule, Julian still finds inspiration all around, particularly judging at wine shows. He also points to Margaret River as a muse, calling it an "unspoilt winemaking nirvana". Margaret River cabernet and chardonnay are as good as from anywhere else in the world and I think if we keep working hard, they'll be recognised in the way they deserve."


What James Says...

"Julian's wine show success (and the team he has led) have gold medals flying around the room like confetti, with trophies (including the biggest of all, the Jimmy Watson) equally plentiful. And most of all, he is universally admired and liked by all who have had contact with him and/or the great wines he makes."

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