Arguably the most requested wine in our portfolio is back… But we believe it will be sold-out within 48 hours!

As Stu openly admitted, the 2005 Robertson of Clare Max V is the one wine he will miss the most. This message featured in our Weekend Reading in August 2018, which reported on the success of our summer sale. More than 60 lines of our portfolio had completely sold out in the course of only two weeks, affecting many most popular wines as well as some true icons – Robertson of Clare and Henschke included.

Lady luck was clearly smiling on us when we were offered the chance to purchase a private wine collection which includes both, albeit in tiny amounts.

In fairness to you all, these wines are offered strictly on a first-come-first-served basis, giving everyone an equal chance to restock on their long-time favourites or finally discover these stunning wines, if you missed out last year.


*** Delivery note: Robertson of Clare Max V 2005 is currently en-route from a bonded warehouse in Scotland. We expect to ship all orders for home delivery mid-February. ***


96+ Points - Stuart McCloskey 

100 Points for extraordinary value

Unquestionably, one of the standout Cabernet blends amongst our entire portfolio. The ’05 is nothing short of spectacular for the money particularly given the incredibly expensive use of the finest French oak barriques money can buy. At age 12, it is still an infant in terms of development, and I would not be surprised to see this lasting a further twenty+ years. The aromas are majestic with a little aeration - pen ink, rich black fruits, lead pencil shavings and spice box. I love the mouthfeel – silky tannins, voluptuous texture and rare opulence not found at this price level. There is clearly a purity with this wine which is impossible not to admire. Let me be clear – There is nothing OTT about this wine as its presence and complexity outshines many a Bordeaux Pauillac. This is an utterly magnificent, towering masterpiece and firmly sits in my ‘top 10’ best value wines of 2017. Decant for 2-3 hours and enjoy nirvana. 

The blend 66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13.5% Malbec, 10.5% Merlot, 5.5% Cabernet Franc and 4.5% Petit Verdot



Our mature collection of Henschke wines (7,899 bottles to be precise) was a quick sell-out with the majority of our collection finding new homes around the globe. As with the Max V, we receive regular requests for your old favourites… Today, we are delighted to offer the following albeit in rather tiny quantities.


Henschke Cyril Cabernet Sauvignon

Henschke’s cellar door price for 2013 Cyril
= $165.00 and circa £90.60


15 bottles available

£54.95 per bottle


34 bottles available

£44.95 per bottle


45 bottles available

£44.95 per bottle


8 bottles available

£49.95 per bottle


Henschke Keyneton Estate Euphonium

Our nearest UK competitor for 2002 Keyneton Estate  =
Cru World Wine at £73.50 per bottle


34 bottles available

£36.95 per bottle


62 bottles available

£44.95 per bottle


Henschke Abbott's Prayer 2000

Henschke’s cellar door price for 2015 Abbott’s Prayer = $105.00 and circa £57.66

32 bottles available

£44.95 per bottle


We started with 175 cases.
Only, 6 cases remain…

Henry’s Drive Cabernet 2002

Stuart McCloskey "Robert Parker once called the ’02 Henry's Drive Cabernet Sauvignon “Sexy, hedonistic and Australia’s version of a hedonistic vintage of Lynch Bages” which is a powerful statement. Today, there is a typical Pauillac nose of cedar wood, pencil lead and cigar-box. Lots of new saddle leather too. The palate is very elegant, beautifully balanced with slightly dusty tannins – the texture smooth and sensuous. This is Cabernet Sauvignon which offers sophisticated drinking pleasure. Still impressive and never fails to put a smile on my face (including several Oz winemakers who have taken a bottle whilst visiting). A stupendous wine showing all the hallmarks of a mature Claret. Just a joy."

(Purchase, leave for a few days for the sediment to settle, decant for 1-2 hours and enjoy)