“Eileen Hardy Chardonnay is, in my view, the Grange of Australian white wines”.

Steven Spurrier


Perfectly said Mr Spurrier and something we wholeheartedly agree with (hence the reason why we purchased the entire UK allocation, which is offered exclusively by The Vinorium). The commercials make for compelling reading. Yattarna (Penfolds quest for a white Grange) is a great wine and the quality is not in question. What is important to highlight is the enormous price gap between the 2015 Yattarna and our Eileen Chardonnay versus their respective qualities.

2015 Yattarna retails for £100+ per bottle and receives 97 points from Australia's most respected critic, James Halliday. Whereas the 2015 Eileen Chardonnay receives 98 points and is significantly better priced.

For a limited time and purely an exercise to show-off the sheer brilliance of the ’15 Eileen Chardonnay, we are offering our exclusive allocation for as little as £29.95 per bottle. There is no wine in our portfolio (or sampled this year) which comes close for the money…


98 Points – James Halliday
"From Tasmania, the Yarra Valley and Tumbarumba. Gleaming straw-green; manages to effortlessly combine power and intensity with elegance and glorious varietal fruit expression. White stone fruit is at the very heart of a palate that aspires to perfection. Quality French oak and minerally acidity play their parts, albeit largely forgotten in the wealth of fruit."

98 Points - Stuart McCloskey
"Less expressive than some 2015’s however, decanting for thirty minutes to an hour and serving in a large Burgundy glass brings this wine alive. The wine is silky, graceful with mouth-coating waves of life affirming minerality. Real breadth and depth here with a laser-like focus. I love the juicy yellow stone fruits and spices. I imagine this will be utterly spectacular in another 6-8 years. It is the nectar of the Aussie Gods and would shame many a white Burgundy at double the price. I recommend drinking this stupendous wine from now to 2028 and beyond (in good cellar conditions)."

96 Points Campbell Mattinson (Wine Front)
“This 2015 release has every base covered, and is every bit an exceptional wine as a result. It has funk, it has mineral, it has oak, and it has fruit, and each component seems hell-bent on making the overall wine succeed. Nothing here is timid and yet nothing here dominates. The wine tastes of grapefruit and fleshy yellow stonefruit, citrus and spice, the wash of toasty/mealy/spicy/woody character both clear and integral at once. Some chardonnay is powerful in the manner of a shotgun; this is more the power of a long-range rifle. Nothing dare scatter. It moves, as one, on through the palate and long through the finish”.

For completeness, Campbell awards 96 Points for the ’15 Yattarna…


Premium Chardonnay


2015 By Farr Cote Vineyard GC Chardonnay

96 Points - Campbell Mattinson,
The Wine Front

£69.95 per bottle

2016 By Farr Cote Vineyard GC Chardonnay

95 Points - Campbell Mattinson,
​The Wine Front

£70.00 per bottle


2015 By Farr Three Oaks Chardonnay

97 Points - James Suckling

£45.95 per bottle

2016 By Farr Three Oaks Chardonnay

£51.00 per bottle


2012 Robert Oatley
The Pennant Chardonnay 


Only 15 Bottles Remain!

98+ Points - Stuart McCloskey  
"Robert’s 2010 was one of my standout wines of 2017 however, the 2012’s incisiveness and energy gives it the edge for me, which is quite a thrill. The wine needs decanting and opens beautifully in the glass with a stunningly complex nose. Perhaps the maritime climate of Margaret River has captured the very essence of marine life with oyster shell clearly evident on the nose. There is an incredible purity and laser-like focus without losing sense of presence or weight. I would argue the wine's greatest component is its intellect and sense of balance which I rarely come across outside of (great) Burgundy. This is magnificent and a benchmark to all producers in the great Margaret River. Drinking now to 2022."

97 Points - James Halliday
"Gleaming straw-green; a high quality chardonnay that is ageing with grace, still fresh as a daisy with years to go before reaching its zenith. The bouquet is decidedly complex, the palate with grapefruit zest and precise acidity drawing out its length and aftertaste."

£27.95 per bottle


2014 Shaw and Smith Lenswood Chardonnay

97 Points - 
James Suckling

£47.95 per bottle

2014 Ten Minutes by Tractor Wallis Chardonnay

95 Points -
James Halliday

£42.50 per bottle


2013 Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay

97 Points - 
James Suckling

£37.95 per bottle

2012 Tolpuddle Vineyard Chardonnay Magnum

96 Points -
James Halliday

£90.50 per magnum


2014 Eileen Hardy Chardonnay


97+ Points - Stuart McCloskey 
"More intense, open-knit and richly textured compared to the 2015 although, both vintages are matched by their exquisite balance. The wines aromatics (honeyed citrus fruits, waves of minerals and a little maritime note) unfold with 20 minutes in a decanter (advised for ultimate satisfaction). The palate is medium to full-bodied, ripe and endlessly long. The play between textured weight and acidity is fantastic – A perfect marriage of cohesion and completeness. Given my experiences with mature Eileen Hardy Chardonnay’s, the ’14 is difficult to pin down to specific flavours. This wine is more to do with sensation as the palate feel is incredible. I do feel the 2015 has the slight edge and will become one of their best vintages over the past three decades however, there is something irresistibly special about the 2014."

97 Points – James Halliday 
"A wine with an impeccable pedigree, and synergy between Tasmania and Hardys' Upper Yarra Bastard Hill vineyard. It's not easy to identify the contributions of the respective regions, but I would guess the Yarra Valley adds fruit flesh to the minerally structure ex Tasmania."

£32.95 per bottle


Exclusive to The Vinorium


2015 Yarra Yering Chardonnay

£46.95 per bottle

2016 Deep Woods Reserve Chardonnay

£35.95 per bottle

2015 Deep Woods Hillside Chardonnay

£17.95 per bottle


2014 Flowstone
Queen of the Earth Chardonnay

Just 24 Bottles Remain...


98 Points - Stuart McCloskey 
"A wonderful and super-expressive Chardonnay which possesses staggering depth and richness, yet remarkably light on its feet. The palate is expansive and builds with a little aeration (I highly recommend a decanting for 20-30 minutes). Stuart Pym’s natural touch with his wines is clearly evident – I love the interplay and perfect balance between the fruit, oak, and acidity. Lots of energy on display which will no doubt help with its long and glorious evolution in the bottle. This will bring much, much joy to those who prefer their Margaret River Chardonnay’s with a little more substance and character (rather than the linear style which seems todays fashion). For me, this is as good as virtually any Chardonnay from anywhere and will be a spectacular bottle in another 6-8 years. Best served in Zalto’s Bordeaux glass…"

96 Points - James Halliday
"Margaret River and Chardonnay go hand in hand, but the expressions of this variety across the region are many and varied. The Flowstone Queen of the Earth Chardonnay is from one tiny patch of vines in the southern reaches of the region."

£31.95 per bottle


2013 Flowstone Chardonnay


£23.95 per bottle. Only 15 bottles Remain


Flowstone Museum Vertical - Queen of the Earth Chardonnay

All scores by James Halliday

1 x 2014  96 Points
1 x 2013  97 Points
1 x 2012  96 Points
1 x 2011  97 Points
1 x 2009  97 Points

£167.75 per case of 5

Flowstone Museum Vertical - Estate Chardonnay

All scores by James Halliday

1 x 2013  96 Points
1 x 2012  94 Points
1 x 2011  96 Points
1 x 2010  96 Points

£93.80 per case of 4


2016 Watershed
Awakening Single Block Chardonnay


98 Points - James Halliday Top 100 2017 
"The soaring intensity and precision of the wine obliterates any comment about the oak. It is one of those uncommon chardonnays that demands you give it time, the more the merrier. Grapefruit is the masthead, but it gathers around it a suite of flavours that keep its energy and drive on track."

ONLY £33.95 per bottle


2017 Watershed Awakening Single Block Chardonnay

£29.50 per bottle

2016 Watershed Senses Chardonnay

96 Points
James Halliday

£17.95 per bottle

2016 Watershed Shades Chardonnay

£14.50 per bottle