The aura of sacredness and rarity surrounding this winery is something that very few, anywhere, can lay claim to. The ancient plantings produce extremely low yields from unirrigated vines of Shiraz, Malbec, Mataro (Mourvédre) and Cabernet Sauvignon, many of them growing on un-trellised bush-vines and with no Wendouree website or email, there is an inability to contact the custodians of these treasures. 

Many things combine to make the legend what it is, and that legend is Wendouree Wines: a 1914 stone winery, its original equipment, the time-honoured method of wine making and the time-forgotten vineyard at Clare Valley Australia. But the character of the wines is what really makes this small estate one of the greatest, most elusive and highly collectible producers of full-bodied red wines on this planet. And, for many, this is where the challenge lies because these are wines unlike any others. They have carved out their own genre; they are self-defining and stylistic comparisons are always difficult, often pointless. Their graceful ageing is something that winemakers respect and envy; their ability to bury complexity deep, to sustain over time and to deliver structure and tannins that drive slow, steady and deliberate across the palate. The haunting depth of old vines and the distinct, eucalypt-tinged aromas are arresting. The unfettered and raw honesty of their style is something that few vignerons can execute, let alone summon the courage to try. 

The Mailing List: Wendouree’s customer list and allocation system is as hallowed as the wines themselves. They operate from a simple box file (remember no email) - regulars receive 6 of each, should they request them. There are no short cuts. If the list is full, you have to wait your turn, no matter who you are, which makes our small offering something rather special.

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