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Seemingly more than any other country, Australian wine has been pigeon holed into being of one style, echoes from past wines fuelling these stereotypes of over the top, jammy fruit-bomb reds and overripe, over-oaked Chardonnay’s produced from hot, dry, baked landscapes. But the reality is quite on the contrary with a diverse range of landscapes and climates. Of course there are warm, dry areas of Australia that produce full bodied, powerful wines, but there are also cool evenings and misty mornings, windy coastlines and mountain tops. This combined with an array of different soil types and over 100 grape varieties planted across the country, Australia has a range of wine styles that are as diverse and varied as the landscape itself.

With a range so varied, it is not always easy to know what style of wine is typical of each region and for what reasons. If you are looking for either a powerhouse, full bodied style, a medium weight, spicy wine, fine, elegant reds, rich, textural or crisp vibrant whites or something fizzy it is important to know what styles to expect from a land of such regional diversity.


rich, concentrated, powerhouse style Earthy, spicy, medium bodied wines Light, refined and delicate Fuller bodied, textural and oaked whites Fresh, crisp, light styles of wine Flavours of Maturity