Life's Too Short Not to Drink This Wine...

"This is one of the world’s most remarkable dessert wines..." And that comes from the leading wine critic, Robert Parker! He also thinks "the wines are so special they almost defy accurate description". We happen to agree... Only limited stock available!

Top Wine Discovery ~ "Pure Perfection"

Awarded a whopping 99 Points from Robert Parker, he describes the Calliope as "pure perfection". Who can argue with that? As ever with these sensational wines, there is only limited stock available. You really must give it a try!

The Vinorium £15.50 Majestic £22.00 (Yikes!)

The sensational Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 2014 has ended up on the shelves of Majestic Wine. We really do hate it when wine producers sell-out to the big-boys. We have only 12 bottles left in stock. Grab it now at this great price, as when it's gone...


Pierro Chardonnay is without question, a world-class wine and has won so many awards over the years. The highly respected American magazine, Wine & Spirits voted Pierro Chardonnay "the best in Australia", which does not come as a surprise!

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