Greenock Creek

Greenock Creek Vineyard and Cellars, owned by Michael and Annabelle Waugh, is one of the Barossa's benchmark wineries. Start with a great terroir, add in old vine material, and meticulous winemaking and the results are usually extraordinary.” Jay Miller (

The Greenock Creek Wines story began in 1976 when Michael and Annabelle Waugh purchased a 20 acre property in the Barossa Valley, which initially consisted of nothing more than a rundown house with an attached almond and apricot orchard and around 2 acres of old Shiraz vines planted along the line of a creek. Based near Seppeltsfield, where Australia's oldest wineries can be found these days, the vineyard was in very poor condition at the time like most of Australia’s vineyards back in 1970’s, and required much hard work to revitalise the vines. The apricot orchard was pulled out in 1995 (along with around 500 tons of granite) and the land was planted with 8 acres of Shiraz, the Apricot Block. Alice’s Vineyard is the largest and the closest to couple’s hearts vineyard, stretching across 20 acres of the original land. All fruit is estate grown and since none of the vineyards are irrigated, low to very-low yields are dictated purely by weather and pruning.

These are large-scaled, big-boned reds which nonetheless and despite their magnitude, possess an elegance and fine balance with a tremendous ageing potential. They are charismatic, individual and rare, produced as they are in utterly finite, not to say minute quantity.

Greenock Creek, Barossa Valley, Australia

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