Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is without doubt one of the world’s most popular grape varieties, grown in a number of locations across the world and known for its pure, expressive, primary characteristics, citrus and green fruits, herbaceous flavours and zesty, poised acidity. Sauvignon’s homeland is the Loire Valley in France where its most famous examples are found in the villages of Sancerre and Pouilly Fume.

It is also a key grape variety in white Bordeaux, usually blended with Semillon where it can create premium examples of dry whites that are complex and long-lived where concentrated flavours of citrus, herbs, spice and flowers combine with toasty oak. Chateau Fieuzal and Blanc De Lynch Bages are just two great examples. This blend can also form the rich, succulent sweet wines, most famously from Sauternes that show intense dried apricot and marmalade flavours. You can also find Sauvignon as a single variety in Bordeaux, one of our favourite examples and tremendous value being Chateau Doisy-Deane, a wine that shows great purity.

Sauvignon now thrives in countless regions across the world and has made a comfortable home for itself in many new world regions, warm climates or cool climates, with or without oak it is comfortable in many conditions and produce different flavours depending on the conditions. The most famous region for Sauvignon Blanc, certainly in the last few decades, is Marlborough in New Zealand where producers reinvented the style of Sauvignon, using revolutionary production methods to preserve the pure, varietal flavours and aroma characteristics of this grape. In Marlborough, Sauvignon Blanc can range from a tropical style with vibrant passionfruit flavours, bright, zesty citrus and gooseberry flavours or more vegetal with aromas of asparagus, pea shoots and herbs. Dog Point Sauvignons are more towards the latter, vegetal style. Sauvignon is grown in several regions across New Zealand but is most famous in Marlborough where you can find classic examples from Villa Maria and also Hawkes Bay where Vidal are based.

In Australia, Sauvignon Blanc is most famous in Margaret River which has a climate that is similar to Bordeaux. It is no surprise that you can find some exceptional Sauvignon and Semillon blends here from Domaine Naturaliste and age-worthy examples from Stella Bella as well as some truly outstanding long-lived, single variety Sauvignons from Flowstone.

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