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Originally The Vinorium was formed in March 2013 as the retail division of Z&B Vintners, a Bordeaux specialist. However, in 2017 the direction of the company was steered away from Bordeaux with a focus on importing directly from wine producers in Australia and New Zealand. Success was recognised instantly, winning both the IWC and Decanter awards for Australian Wine Merchant of the Year in 2018 which is the global industry benchmark. Recognition of The Vinorium continued in 2019 as we collected both awards for the second time. 2020 saw The Vinorium collecting the Decanter Australian Wine Merchant of the Year for a third time.

The Vinorium, almost exclusively purchase direct from a group of world class winemakers. The Vinorium offers flexibility to both private clients and independent wine merchants and a truly global service, which is supported by many of our winemakers.

We simply live and breathe Australian wines like no other UK merchant we know. Year-on-year, we hone our craft, our range, and rarely look beyond Australia itself, which and for many independent wine merchants must be daunting. To date, we have never taken the easy option of choosing wines from UK suppliers’ lists. Instead, we have spent a significant amount of resource and time in creating our own relationships and exclusivities. In many cases, we are introducing wines and producers to the UK’s shores for the very first time which is incredibly exciting and something we are immensely proud of.


“The judges were wowed by The Vinorium’s mouthwatering range, focused on premium Australian wines with impressive back vintages and a range of formats. In fact, this ‘good-looking, well run’ Kent-based retailer impressed the judges all-round”.



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