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"The wines scream a skilfulness and individuality which is impossible not to be impressed by."


Joshua Cooper was truly destined to make wine as he was born and raised at Cobaw Ridge winery, founded by his parents Alan and Nelly Cooper. Josh, although young, is well on his way to establishing himself as a leader amongst the next generation of Australian winemakers.

His parents’ biodynamic philosophy has clearly found favour with Joshua’s own wines - creating natural wine with classic characteristics being the fundamental hallmark. His first vintage was in 2012, with a single barrel of wine made from fruit his parents grew in the Cobaw Ridge vineyard. His label has since expanded to a more varied range, including historic styles as well as the more experimental and esoteric.

Currently, Josh sources his fruit locally (from great sites in the Heathcote and Macedon Ranges regions) and only from growers who are sensitive to environmentally sustainable practices. Josh works tirelessly and to make enough money to buy the fruit for his wines, he currently works around the Macedon Ranges. Thanks to Mum & Dad, he can produce his own wine at their winery… Having spent his life watching his parents drive organic and biodynamic grape growing in Australia, he has a clear idea of how he wants his own label to grow. Fruit quality and provenance being an overriding imperative. Josh has ambitions in the coming years to transition to his own vineyard supplementing the current fruit with what he has grown himself, which is an exciting proposition.

We love his unaltered wines that do not conform to some pre-existing, established ideal. The wines express the season in which they are grown and offer true ‘terroir’. Alcohol levels are modest, and the wines scream a skilfulness and individuality which is impossible not to be impressed by…

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