Sailor Seeks Horse

Sailor Seeks Horse


"...incredibly exclusive, tiny production Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that has gained them a list of accolades and a reputation for producing some of Tasmania’s most highly sought after wines."


In 2005, Paul and Gilli Lipscombe decided to bite the bullet, resign from their jobs in London and pursue the dream of working for themselves. They looked to be intellectually challenged, physical, creative and produce something together that they could be proud of, here was born the ambition to make their own wine. After working a vintage in the Languedoc, they travelled to Margaret River to study winemaking and viticulture. They spent the next four years gaining as much experience as possible working in Margaret River, Oregon and New Zealand with the goal of finding the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vineyard in Australia.

Their pursuits led them to Tasmania where they found a run down, 6.5 hectare, north east facing, abandoned vineyard that was planted with Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo. By the time Paul and Gilli found it, most of the vines were either dead or on their last legs. However, after getting a vineyard assessment they felt that due to its location, it was worth reviving. So, they pulled up the Sauvignon Blanc, Sangiovese and Nebbiolo as well as the worst of the Pinot Noir vines and decided to try to coax the rest of the vine back to life, as well as planting additional Pinot and Chardonnay.

Paul and Gilli’s story encapsulates the image of both romanticism and achievement, being brave enough to pursue a dream, bringing a derelict, long-forgotten vineyard back to life and dedicating themselves to the unrelenting pursuit of quality. Their journey to this point has included winning the Jimmy Watson Trophy as winemakers at a neighbouring vineyard. They are both highly skilled winemakers with a wealth of experience, an acute ambition and precise attention to detail. Their hard work and dedication have resulted in the incredibly exclusive, tiny production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay at Sailor Seeks Horse that has gained them a list of accolades, along with a reputation for producing some of Tasmania’s most highly sought-after wines.

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