About Us

The History

Stuart fell in love with wine when he was given a wine book aged 18. In 2005, after 9 years in the industry, Stuart took the plunge and created his own company, Z&B Vintners Ltd, which is named after his 2 children, Zachariah and Bryony.

Z&B Vintners is not a broker; all our wines, and every case are sourced directly from Bordeaux Château through the négociant system and Stuart has spent the past 10 years building strong and valuable relationships. Bordeaux was the hub and apex of the business. Stuart made some bold ‘wine moves’ in many En-Primeur campaigns, none more so than 2005 where he fervently recommended the little known 5eme Growth, Château Pontet Canet. He sold hundreds of cases (the Bordelaise must have thought, who is this mad Englishman!), but this canny move, amongst others, shaped the success of the company years later.

The Vinorium

It was not until 2013 that Stuart expanded into the retail sector creating 'The Vinorium'.

Now 11 years on from when Stuart started out, the direction of the company may have changed slightly, but the ethos and Stuarts ambition have not. He assembled a genuine and honest team who share his values of integrity and quality, with a mission to share knowledge and passion for wine. Our loyalty is to you, our customer. We will not stock awful wine just to make a better margin. If it is not exceptional, it does not make our shelves. We don’t hop onto fads just because they are popular and we are not out for short-term gains. We believe in sensational wine that you will love to drink again, and again.

How we turned our wine warehouse into a New York (esque) loft apartment whilst retaining its full commercial functionality...


About The Vinorium


I was inspired by New York loft apartments, particularly the early lofts of the 1960’s and 70’s which had only rudimentary, improvised kitchens, exposed pipes and beams, and industrial elevators. Both our warehouse buildings have good bones but the interiors, understandably lacked personality however, I really just fell in love with the concrete factory floor, exposed pipes, huge solid steel beams and the towering walls of concrete blocks.

The open nature of the space (much needed for our electric forklift) has come with some acoustic challenges as well as a little difficulty heating and cooling the living spaces in certain conditions however, we have overcome this by housing thousands of our most prized wines in two fully insulated, highly secured wine bunkers.


About The Vinorium

The main living space is home to fourteen beautifully crafted, bespoke, solid perspex units, which not only show off thousands of bottles so wonderfully but equally show off the industrial beauty of the towering walls of concrete blocks, their cracks and years of commercial use.

Gigantic solid oak book cases add much needed warmth and of course the additional practicality of storing more of our wines and our wine book collection.

About The Vinorium


1,200 bottles of wine housed in their original wooden cases have been simply transformed into our impressive seven seater corner sofa, which I have to confess is rather comfortable.

The twelve foot, solid American walnut table comfortably seats ten for breakfast, lunch and supper but equally reverts to a great tasting table which is neatly located by two of our Enomatic tasting machines. Imagine the fun of having 16 wines on tap at home? We do!

I guess I would describe our warehouse as having wonderful industrial interior décor, raw, creative and impossible not to fall for.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our home (Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 pm).