Barossa Super 100 Classification

Barossa Super 100 Classification

Established in 2008, The Barossa Grape and Wine Association represents over 170 wineries and 550 growers across Barossa as the official industry body for the region. Their vision is simple, to ensure the Barossa is a globally recognised brand that creates enduring value to those connected with it.

This year sees the inaugural launch of The Barossa Super 100 Classification (a defined, regional classification unlike Langton’s). The new classification brings together some of Barossa’s most sought after wines, celebrating the diversity within the region through their unique vineyards, ancient vines, wine producing families and highlighting their individual wines.

Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) chief executive James March said, “We are thrilled to be presenting this list of esteemed wines from Barossa in our most valuable export market. The Classification is not an exhaustive list of every wine made in Barossa but represents an opportunity for consumers to navigate towards some of our most valuable and expensive wines. Famous wine brands such as Penfolds, Henschke and Torbreck are well represented on the list. However, it is also a place where wine enthusiasts can discover some other emerging wine brands that are quickly garnering international attention. Names such as Soul Growers, Z Wine and The Standish Wine Company are just three examples of this emerging trend. As far as we are aware no other region from Australia could present such a depth of wines in this price category, making this a standout opportunity to follow some of the most compelling wines from Australia.”

At The Vinorium, we are delighted that our range includes over 30 of the wines featured in The Barossa Super 100 Classification, many offered exclusively by us outside of Australia.

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