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A rather luxurious gift box from The Compass Box Whisky Company featuring a 5cl serving of each of their signature expressions:

Hedonism: The inspiration behind Hedonism is just that – pleasure, enjoyment, a celebration of that ideal marriage between distilled spirit and high quality oak maturation. The aromas and flavours hint of vanilla, caramel, a delicate fruitiness, accented by flashes of coconut in the finish. This is a whisky that will appeal to both the ardent whisky enthusiast and newcomers to whisky alike.

Asyla: Sweet, delicate and very smooth on cereals and a subtle apple-like fruit character. Single malts from the towns of Alness and Longmorn; single grain whisky from Fife. Ideal as an aperitif served in a white wine or similar glass with chilled water to taste. Try before a meal with shavings of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Oak Cross: A rich, medium-bodied blended malt Scotch whisky, Oak Cross ombines vanilla characters from American oak and spicy, clove-like characters from French oak. By carefully blending back the French oak-aged whisky with its American oak-aged forebear, the whisky maker was able to create a refined, rich, but well-mannered malt whisky, with fruity aspects that will remind you of baked apple or pears, complemented by a rich, toasty oak character.

The Spice Tree: A long time ago, Compass Box created a rich, bold Scotch whisky called The Spice Tree. They worked with friends in both France and Scotland to develop a new, hybrid oak cask that would allow them to achieve similar results, but in a way that would be acceptable to even the most conservative of observers. Et voila, The Spice Tree was resurrected – matured using a custom-made cask with French oak for the heads and American oak for the bodies. The Spice Tree is a rich, intense malt whisky redolent of baking spices and layered with toasty oak accents that complement the underlying distillery character.

The Peat Monster: You will find no whisky quite like The Peat Monster in terms of class and style. Blending peated single malt whiskies from different regions of Scotland has created a style that is unique in the world of Scotch whisky. The Peat Monster is a whisky for those who appreciate the blending of seemingly dissonant elements to create something sublime balancing beautifully peaty, smoky aromas and flavours with those that are malty and fruity.

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Immerse yourself in the world of Compass Box with this concise introduction to the delicious range of Scotch whiskies by Whisky maker John Glaser. A rather luxurious gift box features a 5cl serving of each of their signature expressions: the fine, fruity Asyla; the smooth, complex Oak Cross; the rich, powerful Spice Tree, the peaty, erudite Peat Monster and their groundbreaking 100% grain whisky, Hedonism.


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Compass Box is a specialist Scotch Whiskymaker. The man behind the brand is John Glaser, an American ex-pat who after many years in the wine trade entered the world of Scotch whisky. He started the company in 2000, based on his commitment to evolving practices in the industry to make great Scotch whisky more approachable and relevant to more people. From the beginning, his vision has been to create one of Scotland's finest and most exciting whisky companies, re-establishing the standards for quality and style in the industry. Today, John Glaser is considered one of the most respected whiskymakers of his generation.

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