Familia Zuccardi

It was Alberto Zuccardi who planted the first acre of vines in Maipú, Mendoza back in 1963. He may not have known it back then but Zuccardi Wines are now one of the most important names within the Argentinian winemaking industry. Now in the hands of the third generation of the Zuccardi family, it is Albertos grandson Sebastian Zuccardi who is in charge of the running of the winery and with his hard work ethic and dedication which he learnt fro his father Joseph he is pushing boundaries in creating wine of the highest standard. Positioned at the foot of the Andes, Zuccardi benefit from the combination of temperature ranges which create multiple terroirs, expressed through their wines by the skillfull hand of Sebastian who was voted ‘first of the top 10 winemakers in South America’ by Decanter magazine in 2017.

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