Fresh, crisp, light styles of wine

Fresh, crisp, light styles of wine

A style of wine that is growing in popularity is the fresh, vibrant white, lightly or completely unoaked focussing on the pure, varietal flavours of citrus fruits, herbs and minerals. For this style you will need to look to the cool climates, either coastal or altitude influenced. The grape that is defining this style in Australia is Sauvignon Blanc, either blended with Semillon or as a single variety, completely un-oaked or barrel fermented and oak aged, expressions of Sauvignon’s racy acidity, herbaceous, citrus or tropical fruits and natural light, crisp texture make it the go-to variety if this is your preferred style.

In Margaret River, the regions natural similarities to Bordeaux make it ideal for Sauvignon Blanc and numerous styles are produced here. For classic Bordeaux styled Sauvignon-Semillon blends, you can find long-lived examples from Stella-Bella and youthful, vibrant styles from Watershed. On its own, Margaret River offers fantastic, age-worthy Sauvignons from Flowstone that have seen some oak treatment or crisp, citrussy unoaked wines from Watershed. Also look to Watershed for a lighter, more mineral and citrus focused Chardonnay.

Tasmania is of course capable of producing lovely, light, fresh whites but its best use of the cooling, acidity preserving conditions is in Tasmania sparkling wine production. There is sparkling wine produced all over Australia but Tasmania is by far and away the most suitable region for high quality fizz, gaining a reputation for one of the best sparkling wine producing regions in the world, surpassed only by Champagne. House of Arras is the leading producer of Tasmanian sparkling wine.

New Zealand is famous for fresh, zesty whites in the name of Sauvignon Blanc, most notably from Marlborough that show vibrant citrus, gooseberry, passionfruit and elderflower with crisp acidity. New Zealand's cool climate is also capable of producing fresh, mineral styles of Chardonnay from Auckland at the very top of the north island down to Canterbury on the east coast of the south island.

The USA is more well known for richer, buttery styles of white wines but some producers have adopted a brighter, fresh style that has a strong focus on citrus fruits and great examples can found from Liquid Farm in California and Eyrie Vineyards in Oregon.

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