Hentley Farm

Hentley Farm Wines, Barossa Valley, Australia

Barossa Valley based Hentley Farm Wines was founded by Keith and Alison Hentschke who acquired the land and property in the 1990s. The pair researched the land to find the best soils upon which to plant their vines and it wasn’t until 2002 that any wines were released from Hentley Farm as the owners were perfecting the vineyards. Soon after successfully launching their wines, Keith and Alison acquired the neighboring vineyard Clos Otto Block in 2004 which forms the basis for the famous Clos Otto Shiraz.

Make no mistake, Hentley Farm wines possess a beguiling richness and beautiful textures that one expects to find in Barossa however, there is also an overwhelming sense of harmony, poise and a gracious freshness throughout the range. As such, their wines hold a unique sense of place and character, deserving a place among Barossa Valley’s best.

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