It is neither the supreme plots of land with their fantastic, fertile soils, nor the inclusion of fruit from 100+ year old vines, nor their 'minimal' intervention winemaking that make Torbreck wines stand out amongst the crowd. These factors are all simply a minimum standard for Torbreck. The exemplary features of the wines stem from David Powell's relentless efforts, uncompromising winemaking vision and pig-headed stubbornness not to conform. Apart from two very small production curvees, Torbreck's Les Amis and The Pict, David Powell did not believe in single vineyard wines. Nearly all the wines he produced were blends of his own inspired inventions. The aim was for selected vineyards to go into the same wine each year. For example, the components of Run Rig consistently come form the same eight "old and ancient" vineyards. On a somewhat larger scale the Steading wines are composed of up to 150 different components from around 34 different vineyards, Small batch winemaking and blending are the hallmarks of Torbreck's style.

Former winemaker, Dave Powell has sinced moved on to Powell & Son and is no longer associated with this label, however Torbreck is still a force to be reckoned with; firmly entrenched un the upper echelons of the Barossa Valley's wine elite. Powell built Torbreck from nothing to a world-renowned brand, selling blockbuster Barossa reds. *All our double magnums and imperials are personally signed by David Powell.

Torbreck Vintners, Marananga, South Australia

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