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Introducing Dan and Nicole’s new collection is one of the highlights of the year, as is sampling the collection, which I find a deeply rewarding experience and a privilege. I tuck myself away in my office and spend much of the day examining the development of each wine. As with the ’18 collection, I sampled over two days. A little over-the-top I hear you say – not at all being my riposte as these wines are built for the long haul and need sufficient aeration to find their individual strides (albeit, juvenile ones).

Rightly so, Standish is fast becoming Australia’s No.1 with many of the greats including Henschke’s Hill of Grace and Penfolds Grange being pushed aside. Unlike the aforementioned duo, Standish is released without the pomp or ceremony or the need to organise global Zoom tastings. Of course, there is nothing wrong with promoting one’s wines, but I do love Dan and Nicole’s less elaborate collection release. Essentially, allocations are released to their global agents who take up the reins with regards to promoting. Other than that, Dan and Nicole sit back as they do not actively court the opinion of the wine press which you have to admire.

That said, the wine press has come to love their wines with Robert Parker always being a huge fan (with tasting notes going back to the 1999 vintage). Joe Czerwinski has taken over from the now retired Parker and continues to be enthralled with the Standish collection – the 2016, 2017 and 2018s all receiving fabulous scores. The ’18 Standish The Standish and Lamella receiving 98-100. With the aid of Aussie critic Nick Stock, James Suckling is regularly releasing a string of Australian reports and tasting notes. As previously documented, the 2018 The Schubert Theorem received the perfect 100 points and was declared Australian Wine of the Year. Closer to home, Sarah Ahmed released a fabulous and detailed report (2017 and 2018 vintages) for Decanter – and like the rest of us, Sarah was amazed by the quality and declared them as a vinous highlight.

Our own opinion of any wine which we represent is the most important factor to us. As a wine professional, always being swayed by critical acclaim lacks skill in my opinion and is best left for wine brokers who actively seek high scoring wines. I am not suggesting that wine critics lack skill, far from it, as I respect their opinions and reviews however, I may not always agree. From a consumer’s perspective, I completely understand the desire to seek opinion, as buying blind can be rather dangerous and costly. My only piece of advice is to find a critic or wine merchant whose tasting notes consistently align with your own expectations as the variation can be wildly different. 

Invariably, our Standish scores and detailed tasting notes are released six months ahead of many global critics and we stand firmly by them. For many of our customers, our notes and scores have proven spot on which also covers the ugly issue of ‘are we over egging the praise.’ I take no umbrage as I perfectly understand the foundation.


Life post Brexit, pandemic, global warming and the effects on the 2019 Standish collection pricing…

Pricing: Last year Dan and Nicole kindly agreed to keep prices as per the 2017 collection, which amounted to a freeze of sixty dollars per case. As anticipated, the 2019 collection has increased by the same value, which I support based on the quality and our favourable allocations. To compound financial matters, the GBP has slipped from 1.92 to 1.78 against the Aussie dollar, which I am less supportive of and powerless to control. Consequently, the price for the entire collection has increased despite our best efforts to shave our own profit margins.

That said, I believe that the entire collection is undervalued particularly when compared to the below, current releases. We have compared US, Italian, Bordeaux and Burgundy release prices (based on their critics’ scores), with Standish consistently proving to be a bargain without a shadow of doubt. Will this change? Imagine a world in which everyone wants your wines and all the critics provide glowing reviews and scores which tie in with the very best produced around the globe… What would you do if you were in Dan and Nicole’s shoes?


Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz 2015

At the winery: $865.00

 £512.68 - £600.00 per bottle


Henschke Mount Edelstone 2015

At the winery: $225.00

£101.68 - £147.00 per bottle


Penfolds Grange 2016

£401.68 - £598.00 per bottle


Penfolds Bin 707 2018

£362.68 - £424.00 per bottle


Allocations and quantities produced

2019 is a great vintage and the entire collection is profoundly special. But, and there’s always a but, available quantities / allocations are much smaller this year. Lamella for example, we have 50% less allocation than the 2018 which is a huge problem as exactly 1,149 bottles were sold. This year, we have a mere 576 bottles to share amongst you all. Last year, we shipped a dedicated 20 foot container filled with the glorious 2018s – ten pallets with each pallet containing ninety-six six packs. Today, we will be shipping a paltry four pallets which is a significant fall. We may and ‘may’ being the operative word, be allocated a little more Standish The Standish, The Relic and The Schubert Theorem however, this is all just wishful thinking at this stage… Sadly, no Andelmonde this year as the fruit quality failed to meet Dan’s super high standard.

We have long-term Lamella customers who support the wine annually. Out of respect, these customers are being contacted directly and offered an allocation, which we believe supports their loyalty. The remainder of the Standish collection is released for general sale.

Please enquire if you would like to join the ‘Lamella’ wish list.



When will we be shipping the 2019s? 
At the end of February.

When will they arrive in the UK? 
All going to plan, we expect them to arrive at the end of May. 

Will I be kept informed of their delivery date? 
Of course, however, please do not ‘unsubscribe’ from our email communications as you are automatically deleted completely from our email list. We do not have the capacity to check through each and every customer (I say, respectfully).

When does the 2019 pre-arrival collection close? 
On 5 March.

I missed your pre-arrival offer. Can I take advantage of the discount? 
The offer is being run for three weeks which provides plenty of time to purchase. All orders received after 9:00am on March 5 will be charged the full, landed price which is displayed below.  


IB Option Only


*Pre-Arrival Special: Each wine is being offered at 
£380.00 IB per case of six

*The landed price post 5 March will be 
£400.00 IB per case of six


I received an email from Dan Standish just as I was taking my first sip of the Lamella. “As you are aware our yields were down by 50% for the 2019 harvest so these are quite concentrated wines. I’m sure you are all over it but I would suggest giving them plenty of air and time to open, especially at this early stage. I really look forward to reading your tasting notes on them.” We decanted the full suite at 4:00pm on Wednesday 10 February with round one of my sampling taking place the following day at 10:30am.


2019 The Relic Shiraz Viognier

**Available for delivery End May 2021**

99-100 Points - Stuart McCloskey "Demure and beguiling are the best, two words to describe the bouquet. I am fascinated by the perfume which offers the full spectrum of ‘marine’ influences ranging from salinity to sea kelp, to hot oyster shell melded perfectly with cold stones, iron ore, black liquorice to milky earl grey. The palate is extremely well poised and ineffably pure. Despite the wine’s muscularity, this still manages to provide such grace and femininity which I find beguiling. Clearly this beauty is finely chiselled, agile and perfectly controlled despite its fleshiness. I love the whispers of white pepper which linger for an age. Ripe, black fruits tinged with orange rind flood the palate. Totally effortless, sensual, precise and without fault. An astonishing wine and one that will provide fifty years of pleasure. I cannot wait to resample in six months. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.”

A few technical words from Dan: Hongell Family Vineyard, Krondorf. Planted on own roots in 1991. Clay Loam over weathered bedrock with intermittent bands of quartz. Shiraz grown in this part of the Barossa tends to be very aggressively tannic. We planted a single row of Viognier alongside the Shiraz which is picked altogether on the same morning. The co-fermentation of even a tiny amount of Viognier not only adds heady aromatics to the mix but also softens the otherwise firm tannins.


2019 The Standish Shiraz

**Available for delivery End May 2021**

99-100 Points - Stuart McCloskey “The bouquet is a mesmeric and heady mix of dark cocoa, mocha, graphite, iodine, mineral accented black and blue fruit (almost liqueur-like), Crème de mûre, mulberry, woody spice box, so exotic, blood orange and all brushed with a wand of dried lavender. A little musk on round two with the dried spice box on the finish. The palate is extremely dense, full-bodied and demands your attention. As with Lamella, this packs a concentrated punch, but carries no excess weight. The fruits are sweet, expansive and reach those hard to find areas. Monolithic but with so much grace and skill on show. Spice cake and violet pastille interwind with damson and blueberry compote. Black cherry too with the faintest whisper of vanilla. The mineral laced fruit component builds and builds as does the power that knocks you sideways. This is exquisitely balanced with tannins that provide a little edgy grip. The finish is never-ending as it keeps giving. More spice and I adore the marine / saline tinge. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking window; Yet another one for the cellar and requires a decade to truly unfurl, but and with 24 hours in the decanter, will provide you with a special, vinous moment. Unless you’re below the age of 30, this will outlive us all…” 

A few technical words from Dan: Laycock Family Vineyard, Parbs Road, Greenock - 100% Shiraz. Planted on own roots in 2002 (5.39 Hectare – 9ft x 6ft spacing). Ironstone gravels and layered schist on a bedrock of solid ironstone at 314m above sea level. With its easterly aspect protecting it from the harsh western afternoon sun and the gentle sloped gravels draining away any untimely excess rainfall. Bedded deep on their own roots in fragmented ironstone and layered schist this Shiraz clone is in its element.


2019 The Schubert Theorem

**Available for delivery End May 2021**

100 Points - Stuart McCloskey “The ’19 Schubert Theorem provides a bouquet which is quite frankly haunting in its beauty and leaves me struggling to find a starting point. The perfume is so exotic and is juxtaposed between mineral laced black fruit to a heady mix of wildflowers. Damsons, mulberry, cold steel, sea kelp, graphite, violets, lavender are just a few of the aromatics – this is quite honestly bottomless with its offering. The unerring sense of purity is staggering. The palate is saturated with super concentrated blueberry, blackberry and plum complemented by this overwhelming sense of mineralité. The palate feel is sensual and seductive – almost creamy in texture, but this camouflages the seriousness of the wine’s structure, which is huge. The chalky tannins provide a little relief as do the whispers of lavender, black liquorice and a marine undercurrent that I adore. There’s a density and richness that is obvious, but with no excess weight. A towering and remarkable wine, which simply leaves me in awe… . Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking window; Another one for the cellar but can be approached with 24 hours in the decanter. In many ways, this is already a perfect wine, but in 20-30 years’ time, will provide something otherworldly. Until then, be satisfied with perfection…”

A few technical words from Dan: 100% Shiraz - Sourced from various sections of the Schubert Family Vineyard – Roennfeldt Road, Marananga. Planted on own roots between 1994 & 1999 (12ft x 8ft spacing). Deep red/brown earths with eroded protrusions of crystalline quartz and mica-schist between 272-296m above sea level.


2019 Lamella

99-100 Points - Stuart McCloskey “The ’19 Lamella is without question a powerful and concentrated release. The bouquet offers warm earth, espresso, violet, mineral, lead pencil, bay leaf, dried herbs wrapped in a blanket of concentred black raspberry and dark, brambly fruits. Iron ore and that unmissable drift of marine unfurl beautifully along with a stronger accent of graphite. The palate is, as one would expect, full bodied and hurtles forward with enormous power and the backbone of a blue whale. This is monolithic in stature, but the wine’s symmetry is masterful – the breadth, depth and length all categorised as ‘incredible.’ The oak is seamlessly integrated, the balance perfect and the acidity adding a faultless nip of freshness. Waves of multi layered black fruits infused with minerals, with glimpses of lavender emerging. There’s an exotic quality to the fruit which adds to the hedonistic pleasure. The sheen is to die for and I love the textural brilliance. It’s one of those rare wines which leaves you in amazement. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking window; Alas, this is one for the cellar and requires a decade to unfurl, but and with 24 hours in the decanter, this will provide you with a special moment in your life. This will be perfect in 20-30 years and will live on for 50-70 years (if not a century).” 

On Allocation only by the Case.
Please enquire if you would like to join the wish list


Duty Paid Options

Many ’18 mixed cases were sold during the past 12-months. Without emailing every customer and waiting for their response (which could take weeks), we have released a parcel which we hope will cover all pre-arrival orders. These are offered on a first-come-first-served basis…

*Displayed prices include UK duty & VAT

*These purchase options are not available under bond and will be removed from our website at 9:00am 5 March


Special Four Pack

1 x 2019 Standish The Relic
1 x 2019 Standish The Standish
1 x 2019 Standish The Schubert Theorem
1 x 2019 Standish Lamella

Pre-Arrival Four Pack Price @ £322.00

Landed Price @ £342.00

* 54 x cases available *


Special Twelve Pack

3 x 2019 Standish The Relic
3 x 2019 Standish The Standish
3 x 2019 Standish The Schubert Theorem
3 x 2019 Standish Lamella

Pre-Arrival Twelve Pack Price @ £966.00

Landed Price @ £1026.00

* 12 x cases available *


In stock and available for immediate delivery

Please note –In order to minimise the administration for the team, orders for 2017 and 2018 wines will be treated as a separate order from your 2019 wines and bottles cannot be held to ship with your 2019 stock.


2018 The Standish Shiraz

100 Points - Stuart McCloskey "The perfume is incredibly inviting, opulent and builds in the glass like a skyscraper. The nose is deep, dark, and brooding with a lovely lick of mineral and liquorice in the background. There’s an attractive savouriness to the fruit and edges towards Lamella for its structure.  The depth of flavour is extraordinary and offers incredible intensity without any heaviness which is such a skill. The fruit is luxurious, and mineral laced with a touch of spiciness to provide some lift. Texture akin to silk with juicy acidity and fine tannins adding shape to the wines overall presence. Just phenomenal. Decanted for 3.5 hours and served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking window from 2020 to 2050++. Tasted 06.05.2020

The same decanted wine was sampled circa 24 hours later (overnight we placed a tight clingfilm seal over each decanter)…

Summary: Not the slightest sign of oxidisation and still (if not more) inviting than yesterday. Monolithic would be one word to describes the bouquet – you could write a book on the aromatic profile as it’s nothing short of perfection. The palate is simply heavenly and has no room for improvement as it takes perfection in its stride. Perhaps 110 points in a decade? Captivating, life-changing for vinous lovers and it doesn’t get better for Aussie Shiraz. It’s one of those rare, goose bump moments. Simply, breathtaking.”


£74.50 per bottle

£360.00 per case (6x75cl) IN BOND


2018 The Relic Shiraz Viognier

100 Points - Stuart McCloskey "The perfume is incredibly complex and difficult to pin down. Certainly exotic, super-intense and fills your olfactory senses with one hell of a wave of dark red / blue fruits (black raspberry liqueur) sweet spices and a wild-floral character. The palate is sensual, supremely elegant, and without one single flaw – far too moreish making returning the glass to the tasting table very difficult indeed. The fruit saturates your palate, but and from the very first sip, the level of poise is breathtaking. Less powerhouse and more ethereal brilliance. Deeply impressive and perhaps my favourite out of the collection. Decanted for 3.5 hours and served with Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking window from 2020 to 2050++. Tasted 06.05.202

The same decanted wine was sampled circa 24 hours later (overnight we placed a tight clingfilm seal over each decanter)…

Summary: Not the slightest sign of oxidisation. The bouquet is a masterclass of brilliance as the sweet, spiced fruits infuse with kelp, marine, ink, and iron ore. It’s so complex you could get lost all day…Equally, the palate does not disappoint. Texturally magnificent with the fruit, tannin, oak, and acidity components handled by angels. Otherworldly and an utter privilege.”

£71.50 per bottle

£345.00 per case (6x75cl) IN BOND


In stock and available for immediate delivery


2017 The Schubert Theorem

Vinorium Award - 2019 Red Wine of the Year: Silver

99+ Points - Stuart McCloskey  “Sampled after 12 hours in the decanter. Almost nirvana on the nose and very difficult to project into words. The emotional experience overwhelms. A profusion of Indian ink, lavender, violets, vanilla, cold coal and cold stone infuse harmoniously with saturated damson, plum, mulberry and the sweetest of black raspberry. A little sweet spice unfurls in the background – think Kulfi. The palate is full bodied, richly structured and packed with the sweetest of black fruits rising to plum and anise. Minerality provides relief as does a perfectly judged line of acidity, albeit caressing in texture. Here is perfection mixed with profoundness in equal measures and this will appeal to those seeking a touch more extravagance. Served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware. Drinking now, but it’s a baby to 2040+.” Tasted 24 Nov 2020

99-100 Points - Stuart McCloskey "An extraordinary colour ranging from midnight black to a rim of purple. The nose is intoxicating and utterly beguiling with lavender, violets, vanilla, coal, cold stone, ink, iron ore and graphite. The palate is full-bodied, richly structured, incredibly layered and beautifully defined - The Château Latour of Australia as this befits ‘the iron fist in a velvet glove’ perfectly. It’s quite extraordinary how a wine of such scale and age is so harmonious. The flavour profile and length are unending. The texture silken. The sweet entry finding its way to an iron ore and salty finish is fascinating (my last sip offered coffee notes). It is easy to understand why this was wine of the day (a difficult achievement given the calibre of the room). One of Australia’s immortal wines which has the potential to outlive most of us. Remarkable. Decanted for 2 hours and served using Zalto’s Bordeaux Glassware." Tasted 12 July 2018

£64.95 per bottle

£306.90 per case (6x75cl) IN BOND


2017 The Standish Shiraz

99 Points - Stuart McCloskey  “Sampled after 12 hours in the decanter. The bouquet mirrors my earlier note with pen ink, lead pencil, iron ore, graphite, warm earth, violets and dark plum – A touch more charge than Lamella. For me, the overriding factor being the coolness of fruit and the absolute purity which I find overwhelming. The palate follows that same tell-tale line of perfect symmetry. The fruit is concentrated and provides wonderful depth however, it’s the graceful character which knocks me back. The balance is truly beguiling with few global winemakers possessing the talents to handle the concentration whilst providing the effortless lift of a butterfly. I am genuinely in awe. Cooling as an evening breeze by the ocean shore. Truly special. Drinking now, but it’s a baby, to 2040+.” Tasted 24 Nov 2020

98+/99 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Despite the huge reviews for the 2016, I personally prefer the 2017. In fact, I would declare all 2017 Standish wines superb and more to my liking. The 'The Standish' Shiraz is made from fruit farmed by the Laycock family in the Greenock sub-region of the Barossa Valley. Earlier releases from the now extinct Andelmonde and Borne Bollene came from this site – How wonderful would it be to see their return. Tell-tale Standish nose of pen ink, lead pencil, iron ore, graphite, warm earth, violets, dark plum and vanilla. Unbelievably harmonious for such a young wine – Seamless and graceful with satin-like tannins. The palate is sweet with black raspberry liquor, spice and offers a touch of relief with a core of crushed rocks. More and more notes build with time. It’s almost a life-long journey of an ever-changing scenery. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is another stunning wine from Dan Standish. Decanted for 4 hours and served using Zalto Bordeaux glassware.” Tasted 12 July 2018

£64.95 per bottle

£306.90 per case (6x75cl) IN BOND


2017 The Relic Shiraz Viognier

99 Points - Stuart McCloskey “Sampled after 12 hours in the decanter. If truth be known, I struggled with this wine when it first arrived and refrained from offering my tasting note. Today, it joins the remainder of the collection as a strong family member, which has felt lost without it. Sweetness juxtaposes with savoury meatiness – a firm nod to the Northern Rhône. Heady aromas of anise, fennel seed and ink combine with the sweetest of black fruits and then comes a board of charcuterie. The length is astonishing and finishes with sweet fennel and studded salami. Wait a minute and then enters spice tinged citrus fruit with a faint tinge of blood orange… Umami, ocean-esque and sea kelp are more pronounced with aeration. To put simply, this is a contender for one of the greatest Northern Rhône wines (albeit from Oz) you will ever enjoy. Natural, unforced and certainly the longest lived ’17 Standish wine. Drinking now, but it’s a baby to 2050.” Tasted 24 Nov 2020

£64.95 per bottle

£306.90 per case (6x75cl) IN BOND