Zalto Denk-Art Bordeaux Glass

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The Zalto Bordeaux glass is recommended for weightier style reds, probably our most widely used glass when tasting in house, this glass is great for many different wines. The large bowl helping aerate and soften tannins whilst accentuating the wine's depth and concentration. The Bordeaux glass is the ideal choice for Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel, Bordeaux or Rhône style blends and many other red wines. Surprisingly, it is also the glass of choice for oaked Chardonnay, the shape of the bowl accentuating the balance of ripe fruits and oak.


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zalto wine glasses

In the northern part of Lower-Austria the tradition of glass blowing goes back to the early 14th century. The Zalto family, a glassmaking dynasty whose roots reach back to Venice, settled down in this region six generations ago. Since then Zalto has been producing high quality hand-blown glass in Neunagelberg. The company was established 2006 in Neunagelberg, to give special focus on outstanding, hand-blown stemware with the acquired brands Zalto and Denk`Art. True to tradition of the Zalto brand, today the Zalto glass house offers connoisseurs superior and state of the art glasses. All of them hand-blown by highly skilled glassblowers.

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Robert Brook3rd Dec 2019

Wow! Zalto Bordeaux glass...... The glass displays a true expression of terrior, a true expression of fruit and the true character of the wine! Amon Ra and Lilys Garden sampled! What a fantastic surprise considering I have been drinking from a Riedel glass for the past 2 years. Very impressed!

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Patrick Gleeson29th Apr 2017

An incredibly elegant glass, you feel very connected to the wine through sight and smell. It creates a great drinking experience for any wine. Highly recommend!

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